Guitar Hero

In another post I referred to the guitar that David Crowder uses for Neverending. He uses a Guitar Hero controller that B-Wack the drummer modified. This video explains the guitar.

Here is a clip I found from Passion:Atlanta this weekend. This weekend I did notice that the guitar he used for the song was smaller than the other guitars. However, it really isn’t unusual for musicians to switch guitars for songs. If you look closely at the beginning it appears to be the same guitar in both videos.

Crowder rocks! He is amazing.

How to Be Like Dave

David CrowderA couple of months ago I wrote about the modded Guitar Hero controller David Crowder uses for the song Neverending. Yes, he really uses a guitar hero controller for the song, I’ve seen him do it live. You can check out a clip of Crowder here.

Found instructions for converting a Guitar Hero controller into standard Midi controller. So, for all you aspiring musicians and Crowder fans can emulate his greatness. I guess to be like Dave now all you need is weird hair and a beard. You’ll have to figure that one out on your own.

Ok, if anyone actually attempts this one let me know how it turns out.