God Guide Us

Originally posted August 27, 2009 this still applies today. With the recent SCOTUS ruling I've seen a lot of Christians posting things that our country is doomed. Personally I believe, our country has been in need of serious prayer for decades. One Supreme Court ruling will not cause the destruction of our society. There is … Continue reading God Guide Us

Come to the Cross

For Christians Holy Week, (the week between Palm Sunday and Easter) is one of high points of the year. It is a time for reflection and remembrance. To remember the sacrifice that Christ willing made for each of us. To reflect on the undeserved richness of God's grace and the unknown depth of His love. … Continue reading Come to the Cross

Christmas Stuff

When I was in grad school there was a house near campus that had an eclectic Christmas display. It started out with a normal light display. One year the residents didn't take the Christmas lights down. Instead they added seasonal decorations throughout the year. They would just leave up the previous seasonal/holiday decorations. Eventually the … Continue reading Christmas Stuff