The church’s mission is to reach others for Christ and to help them become mature followers of Christ. When our plans or priorities conflict with that mission we must change. The mission statement Christ issued for his followers is actually quite simple, “Go and Make Disciples“. Somehow along the way it is easy for a body of believers to forget that mission.

Some get caught up in developing and carrying out a decades old great “master plan” that present day ministries must suffer to complete this plan. It is as if nothing is more important than following the plan. Unplanned opportunities to reach others for Christ are ignored in strict adherence to this great plan. What good is it to have a well-designed facility when there is no one to use the facilities?

Others get caught up in the functions of committees especially those that focus on the internal workings of the church that they lose sight of reaching others. Suddenly things like decorations and the appearance of the church become a higher priority than providing the necessary resources for outreach ministries. Keeping the church looking nice is good but what good is it when there is no one left to maintain the church?

For some adherence to traditions and maintaining the status quo becomes the primary focus. They become unwilling to move out of their comfort zone unaware that the unless the church is willing to adapt and change its method we will lose an entire generation. What good will our traditions do when no one is left to follow them?

I am reminded of something one of my seminary professors Dr. Roy Fish used to say. “The primary mission of the church is evangelism. Everything aspect and ministry of the church should be about evangelism, if it is not then we must change or jettison the things that are not.” What things must be changed or jettisoned from your church?

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