The Kapsiki people of Cameroon where so eager to have a copy of the Bible in their own language that 5,000 willingly risked possible attacks from Boka Haram to get a copy of the newly published Bibles. They Kapsiki believers were excited to finally have a Bible in their own language. As the convoy carrying … Continue reading Risks

Uncertain Times

It seems that our entire country is falling apart. Yet another ambush on police officers happened today.¬† It appears this too was sparked by earlier events. We are in the midst of a messy and contested presidential election time. It seems that both candidates and political parties only want to cause more divisions in our … Continue reading Uncertain Times

Stop The Maddness

Things are very wrong in our country. We have a lot of serious problems that need to be addressed in a civilized manner and prayerful manner. ¬†Hate, violence and more division will not solve the problems. Thursday nights in Dallas 12 police officers and 2 civilians were shot and 5 officers killed at a peaceful … Continue reading Stop The Maddness