Throwback Thursday: May 31, 1959

Note: Originally Posted June 1, 2008. This is has always been one of my favorite picture in my parents' wedding album.  I have always thought they looked so cool in this picture. As a teenager, I would look at this and wonder what happened to my parents, they used to be cool. Now I understand, … Continue reading Throwback Thursday: May 31, 1959

Review: Pepe’s Mexican Cafe

The Big Guy is from Bryan, Texas. One of the places that makes our must visit list is Pepe's Mexican Cafe. Pepe's has been an Aggieland tradition since 1969. It is locally owned. The food is fast, fresh and cheap. They have a great salsa, it may be the best in Bryan. One of my … Continue reading Review: Pepe’s Mexican Cafe

ThrowBack Thursday: My New Toy

Going through my old posts and photos for Throwback Thursday and found this one from May of 2008. This is sort of a re-post. I had just gotten a new camera. The Big Guy was a grad student at the University of Florida. We took the camera along on a walk on campus to take … Continue reading ThrowBack Thursday: My New Toy

Top 10: Best of Gainesville, Florida

We have been doing the Real Food Challenge: 14 Week Challenge. The challenge for week 11 is to eat local. I am a big support of supporting local businesses. The Eat Local challenge inspired me to compile a list of favorite local business in Gainesville.  Not all of the business are local but I recommend … Continue reading Top 10: Best of Gainesville, Florida

Review: 4 Rivers Smokehouse

4 Rivers Smokehouse is small central Florida chain that has recently moved into Gainesville, Florida.  The 4 Rivers website describes themselves as a sophisticated Texas-style smokehouse. I think I would describe them as trendy. Sophisticated just doesn't fit with BBQ.  We have tried several BBQ places in Florida claiming to be "Texas-style" and 4 Rivers … Continue reading Review: 4 Rivers Smokehouse

Grilled Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

Combined two of my favorites bacon and asparagus.  Even the Big Guy, who doesn't like asparagus, liked this. Just about anything is better either wrapped in bacon or dipped in chocolate. Ingredients 1 lb of fresh asparagus 1/2 lb to pound of bacon disposable aluminum pan with holes poked in the bottom or a grill … Continue reading Grilled Bacon Wrapped Asparagus