Review: Dwyer’s Cafe

One of the local gems we discovered on our summer road trips was Dwyer's Cafe in Lafayette, Louisiana. The Big Guy discovered Dwyer's on Google local. It was one of the highest rated restaurants in Lafayette. I really didn't want to go because it was off the highway and out of our way. However the … Continue reading Review: Dwyer’s Cafe

Review: Fargo’s Pit BBQ

One of the places the we tried on our road trip this summer was Fargo's Pit BBQ in Bryan, Texas. Fargo was named in Texas Monthly prestigious Top 50 List.  The Big Guy's brother, Fishing Guy also recommended Fargo's. The Fishing Guy knows BBQ. He is a pretty mean pit-master himself. Fargo's brisket is extremely … Continue reading Review: Fargo’s Pit BBQ

Where’s the Ball

Check out this wild win by Columbia River High School over Vancouver, WA Skyline High School.  Skyline was up 24-23 with seconds left on the clock. Columbia River attempts a field goal but it is blocked. Keep your eye on the ball. Skyline players and fans go wild because they won. However the ball … Continue reading Where’s the Ball


Dear ADHD, I really dislike hate you. You are disruptive and demanding.   It is as if you believe that defines and controls me. I am tired of the constant struggle to maintain balance and focus. I'm tired of struggling to keep of with simple task like the laundry and dishes. I'm tired of the never-ending … Continue reading Dear ADHD

Review: Yogurtology

I've made it a personal mission to try all of the yogurt and ice cream places that open Gainesville. There have been several open in the past year or so. Think I've tried all but one or two.  Yogurtology opened sometime this summer. Yogurtology is  one of those trendy self-service yogurt places. Even though it … Continue reading Review: Yogurtology

Review: Kickin’ Ash BBQ

This summer we spent a lot of time on the road. One of the places we stumbled upon was Kickin' Ash BBQ in Montgomery, Texas. It was really an accident that we found Kickin' Ash, we were so lost in the Piney Woods of East Texas that even our GPS didn't know our location. One … Continue reading Review: Kickin’ Ash BBQ