My Favorite Teams

My favorite professional teams are the Texas Rangers, Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars.

Rangers are headed to the World Series!

I’ve been a Texas Rangers fan for as long as I can remember. Growing up in Tarrant county they were the team to watch. Also, my Granddaddy liked the Rangers.

Guess I discovered the Mavericks in middles school. Guess I became a because of location. They also had several of my my favorite players for a while.

At the time, the Minnesota North Star’s decision to relocate to North Texas seemed like a strange move at the time. Like many in Texas I was introduced to hockey through the Stars.

I also follow several college teams as well. Of course, I like my alma mater, Hardin-Simmons. HSU has done pretty well since dropping down to D3 in the 1990’s.

The Big Guy is both an Aggie (Texas A&M) and Gator (University of Florida) so I’ve been assimilated. It should be interesting this year with A&M moving into the SEC.

Finally, growing up in Ft Worth, Texas I’ve always liked the TCU Horned Frogs.  Spent my preschool years tagging along with my mom. She was a graduate student.

Favorite Old TV Shows

My top three would be MacGyver, Red Green Show and Monk.

MacGyverMacGyver was a fun action show. Mac could solve any problem with a piece of gum and string. I liked how he had creative solutions to get out of messes. The way Mike, from Burn Notice, solves problems is reminiscent of MacGyver.

Red GreenRed Green was a low-budget Canadian show that aired on our local PBS affiliate. The series revolved around Red and his friends, a group of middle-aged guys, who hung out at the Possum Lodge. They came up with some of the funniest things.


I guess it was time for Monk to end but I wasn’t consulted in the decision. I’ve always liked mystery shows like Colombo and Diagnosis Murder. Monk was my favorite of this genre.


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Indiana and Kentucky Tornadoes: How You Can Help

Last week a string of tornadoes ripped through the Midwest and Southeastern U. S. Several towns have been devastated by these storms.

How you can help:

My Top Three All-Time Favorite Video Games

The original question from Plinky was what is my all time Favorite Video Game. However, I decided to break it down to my favorite computer, console and arcade game.

My favorite console game is Dr. Mario. It was a Tetras type game for the NES system.  I didn’t have very many games so I played that one a lot.

LadybugLady Bug, one of the lessor known video games during the 1980′s, is my favorite arcade game. In high school our local burger joint had one. I got pretty good at it. I could play for a couple of hours on just one or two quarters. Lady Bug was similar to Pac Man. It is probably still my favorite arcade games.

Civ 2Sid Meiers Civilization II is my all time computer game even though newer versions of the game. I’ve considered installing Win 98 on a system just so I could play Civ 2.

What is it? — Answer

Now for the answer to yesterday’s Sky Watch Friday.

What is it? Answer
Did you figure it out?

The answer it a palmetto. Now you may be wondering how that got in the air.  Well ….scroll down.

smokeThe palmetto was a casualty of the Battle of Olustee Re-Enactment.

Confederate Cannon
Confederate Cannon, Battle of Olustee, reenactment

The reenactment of the Battle of Olustee is an annual event occurring the weekend closets to the actual battle. The Battle of Olustee was the largest Civil War Battle in Florida.

Union Army
Union Army, Battle of Olustee Reenactment