Posta Week 2011 Wrap Up

I've been participating in WordPress's Post a Day/Week Challenge this year.  It is time to take a look a back at my blogging for the year. Why did you start the Post a Day/Week Challenge? In 2010 I started having trouble coming up with topics for my blog. I thought participating in the Post A … Continue reading Posta Week 2011 Wrap Up

Inexcusable School Behavior

On December 14, Sandra Baker of Harrodsburg, KY was shocked when she arrived at Mercer County Intermediate School to pick up her son Christopher.  It is not uncommon for the school to call Baker when  9-year-old Christopher, who has autism and ADHD, becomes unmanageable. What made that day different was a large green duffel bag … Continue reading Inexcusable School Behavior

ID10T: Pocket Dial 911

This has got to be one the best stories of stupid criminals I've heard about.  Jason Hamielec and Brian Johnson, of Madison Wisconsin ripped off DVDs and video games from a local Target. They planned to sell the stuff to a local used video store.  As the guys were in headed to the video store … Continue reading ID10T: Pocket Dial 911