My Greatest Accomplishment of 2010


My theme for 2010 was “make a difference”. I wanted to stop complaining about things or just thinking someone should do something about that. Instead I decided to do something. One of the things I did was to become involved with an adult literacy program.

As a professional educator who has taught everything from preschool to high school it was a very different experience. Most of the students truly wanted to be get an education. They had learned why being able to read, write and have a high school diploma was important.

Like me many had learning disabilities that made school difficult. I realized just how fortunate I was to have a mom who was a reading specialist and determined I would learn to read despite the severity of my dyslexia. Let’s just say my learning to read was not a pleasant experience for all involved.

I think about 10 people got GED’s through the program. It is humbling to see the pride and sense of accomplishment in the students. For some this may be the first big achievement.

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