End of Year Reflection

This is my last post for 2010. Gee, seems like the year has just started. I guess this is the point where I’m supposed to write some sort of illuminating treatise full of great wisdom. It  I’m all out of witty sayings and wisdom right now. I do have a few observations for the year.

I’ve never been one for New Year’s Resolutions for many reasons. Goal setting is more my style. I guess they might be the same thing. For 2010, I decided to borrow an idea from a friend of selecting a theme for the year.  My theme was to Make a Difference.  I have tried to write more about causes  and other ways to make a difference. Spent some time this week redoing the Make a Difference Section.

Life doesn’t always go the way we plan. Sometimes even the unexpected bumps in life can turn out to unexpected blessings. I just have to be willing to trust God and look for the blessings.

One of those unexpected things this year is an unplanned move to problems with our condo.   I absolutely hate moving.  The process of moving can be a difficult and at times an insurmountable task. During the moving process I will eventually reach a point where I just want to toss everything or just leave. It was during the packing and unpacking stage that I realized there were some important lessons that can be learned from moving.  First, God is in the business of fresh starts and is willing to forgive us when we make a mess of things. This doesn’t mean there are no consequences from past actions. Second, sometimes you just have to get rid of the junk in our lives. Finally, a change of location can also change ones outlook and perspective.

It is so easy to forget that I was created by God, in his image and to have fellowship with him. Somehow I get my priorities messed up  and focus on my needs, wants and goals.

Real faith isn’t just for Sundays. What good is faith that does not affect ones daily life? Situations that challenge ones faith can also cause it to grow.  It is important to move from just reading about matters of faith and actually practice what one  believes.

People are more important than having nice things. Do not sacrifice friendships or other relationship to gain more things. Seize the little moments to make memories; you never know how many more you will get.

Those are just a few of my observations from 2010.


Canadian Brass – Saints Hallelujah

Hope you enjoy the mash-up of Oh When the Saints and Hallelujah Chorus by The Canadian Brass.


Formed by friends Chuck Daellenbach and Gene Watts in 1970 the brass quintet provides a unique version of brass chamber music. The varied Canadian Brass repertoire features brass standards as well as a wide-ranging library of original arrangements created especially for them. These include the works of Renaissance and Baroque masters, Classical works, marches, holiday favorites, ragtime, Dixieland, Latin, jazz, big band, Broadway and Christian music as well as popular songs and standards.

Million Dollar Goof

Like many The Big Guy and I tuned in to watch the new episode of Fox’s Million Dollar Money Drop and were quickly hooked by the show especially  contestants Gabe Okoye and Brittany Mayti.  The premise of the show is quite simple. The  contestants are given a $1,000,000 at the start of the show and must correctly answer a series of questions.  The questions are in multiple choice format. To guess an answer the money is placed on the answer. The total amount of money must be wagered each time. Any money on a wrong question drops and the contestants continue on with the remaining amount.  Okoye and Mayti were doing quite well on the show had 3 questions left  with over $880,000  remaining and the pair had the question “Which product was sold in stores first, the Macintosh computer, the Post-It Note or the Sony Walkman?” After much debate Okoye convinced Mayti to risk most of the money on Post-It Note.  Unfortunately, even though Okoye was correct the money dropped. Due to the show’s inadequate research Sony Walkman not Post-It Notes was considered the correct answer.

Host Kevin Pollak lamely defends the show insists that because the contestants blew the  last question they never had a chance. It may be true that Okoye and Mayti lost the final question. However, Okoye was so shaken by the Post-It Note question that had to effect his performance. Fox’s handling of the show has been horrible. Fox made a huge mistake and months later Fox has finally invited the couple back on the show. Personally, I think Fox should either give the couple the money out-right or allow them to start where Fox messed up. They should not have to redo all the previous questions. Due to Fox’s mishandling of the show it is highly unlikely I will watch the show again. At the very least I would like to see Pollak gone.


2010 in Review

Wow, it is almost 2011. It seems like the year has flown by. It is time for my annual year in review of TheDeeZone highlights for the year.


Tim Tebow

So Long and Good Luck, Timmy

Originally posted 9 January 2010.

Last Friday’s Sugar bowl marked the end of an era for Gator Nation.  It was the last game for one of most accomplished classes in Gator Football history.  Tim Tebow had an amazing run as the quarterback for the University of Florida. He won the Heisman as a sophomore. I really wasn’t in favor of Tebow winning the Heisman as a sophomore because I believe the award should be reserved for seniors. Yes, I think players shouldn’t be allowed to go to the NFL until at least after their junior year.  Tebow also graduated in December 2009. Graduating in 3 1/2 years is accomplishment for any student especially an athlete. More


Rainbows and Surprise Blessings

Originally posted 1 February 2010.

One morning last week, I saw this rainbow one my way to work. The job I have now is certainly not my first choice or one I thought I would ever have.  A couple of years ago I lost a job that I really liked due to the economy. I was actually doing quite well at the job. Since I lost my job it has been a struggle.  Back in November, an unexpected job opportunity appeared. I really just took the job for finical reasons. More


Originally posted 22 March 2010.

My Word: Tuesday: Lake Wauburg

We have started hiking and exploring local parks. A few weeks ago we went to Lake Wauburg. Lake Wauburg is a recreational facility for University of Florida students as staff.

I really enjoy using the black & white settings on my camera. I like how the lake is peaking through the trees.




Song of the Day: Lead Me

Originally posted 30 April 2010.

Since I heard Santcus Real’s song Lead Me on Air1 it has become my new favorite song. Lead Me is from their latest release Pieces of A Real Heart.



WTG Big Guy!!!

Originally posted 29 May 2010

Several months ago the Big Guy submitted an article for this book.


Top 10: Random Tips for Life

Originally posted8 June 2010

#10: Never wash reds and whites together in hot water, unless of course you like wearing tiny pink clothes.

#9: Never mess with a nerd, he/she might be your boss one day.

#8: You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.



Would I Survive No Internet for a Whole Month?

Originally posted  20 July 2010.

Hmm… a month without the internet… could I make? That would be a tough one. It would probably be hard, especially if all forms of internet usage including email, Skpe and instant messaging were included in the ban.

Work usage of email and selected sites would have to be excluded. Email is one of the primary ways I communicate at work and many of the manuals, forms and databases for work are on-line. More


“I’m just a struggling Christian; not a good one like you.”

Originally posted 2 August 2010.

That statement from a conversation I had last month has haunted me. It is the kind of statement that just sticks with you and pops up when least expected. There are many aspects of that statement that get me.

First,  I’m a struggling Christian. Honestly, most Christians are struggling even if they are not willing to admit it.  Contrary to what many think being a Christian does not magically erase all struggle from our lives. It is a process or journey in which one’s faith grows. More


Rangers Win AL West

Originally posted 26  September 2010.

Rangers are the 2010 AL West Division Champs.



Rangers win AL Championship!!!!!!

Originally posted 23 October 2010.

2010 AL Champs Texas RangersMore



Originally posted 28 November 2010.

Friday marked be official opening of the biggest retail season of the year. Stores opened in the wee hours of the morning. Shoppers lined up even earlier to in hopes of getting a great deal on that perfect gift. There are some that get so caught in buying stuff that they even resort to violence.  With all of the events and preparations for the holiday it is easy to get caught up in “stuff” of Christmas and forget true meaning of Christmas.  Christmas is about the ultimate gift — God’s gift of eternal life. More


Amazing Teen

Originally posted 15 December  2010

This one has been sitting in my drafts folder since October and I just haven’t gotten it written.   I first saw this on the ABC World News with Dianne Sawyer. On October 14Aaron Fortheringham was selected as ABC’s Person of the Week.  Like many teens Aaron is into extreme sports and can often be found at his local skate park. Unlike, other skaters Aaron uses a wheelchair to pull off back-flips. Aaron was born with spina bifida. He got his first wheelchair when he was 3 by the time he was 8 Aaron was using a wheelchair most of the time. Several years ago Aaron’s older brother Brian took him to a local skate park.  A bunch of skaters pushed Aaron to the top and he promptly fell out of his chair. Aaron got back up and tried again. Eventually he was dominating the skate park.  Aaron can even do a back-flip in his wheelchair. One day he would like to design a reasonably priced line of rugged wheelchairs for kids that would all other kids to get out and move.

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Merry Christmas

Love Came Down At Christmas

Performed by Jars of Clay

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given,
and the government will be on his shoulders.
And he will be called
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
Isaiah 9:6 (NIV)