Originally posted 29 January 2009


#10: The weather forecaster is describing the day as breezy and the wind speeds are over 50 mph. It isn’t windy yet because the trees aren’t touching the ground.

#9: Complete strangers wave at you. This is especially true in small towns.

#8: When driving in west Texas that strange smell is oil and it is the smell of money.

#7: If you are in a small town during the fall the entire town closes down for the high school football game.

#6: Barbecue is beef usually brisket and possibly sausage served hot.  The good places smoke the meat using mesquite wood.  Also, there may be only one choice of sauce and it is served warm.

#5: People know the difference between queso and cheese sauce.

#4: In a restaurant the server doesn’t act like it is strange to ask for salsa with just about anything not just Mexican food. When ordering eggs servers usually ask if you want salsa.

#3: Even though you are driving at least 75 mph other cars are passing you in the slow lane.  This is especially true in Houston.

#2: Within a two minute period you see two different Bubba’s in trucks towing another truck .

#1: It is possible to get Dr Pepper at just about every restaurant even if it serves Coke products. Further you are not offered the other stuff in lieu of Dr Pepper. Most people know that Dr Pepper is not a Pepsi product.


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