Not So Happy Meal

Santa Clara (CA) County has enacted a ban on restaurants including a toy with meals that are high in calories, fat, and/or salt.  The reasoning of the Board of Supervisors is that they must protect children. Apparently, they believe that parents are unable to make decisions about what food their child eats. In my opinion … Continue reading Not So Happy Meal

Revive us Again

While I prefer a contemporary worship style I still find myself   returning to the "old hymns" for inspiration. Revive Us Again By William P. MacKay & John J. Husband Performed by Greg Allen with the Worship Network We praise Thee, O God! For the Son of Thy love, For Jesus Who died, And is now … Continue reading Revive us Again

A Letter From the Class Dummy

Note: As the start of a new school year is upon us I thought it would be a good time to something I was asked to write several years ago  on my experiences of  growing up with a learning disability. Speaker presenting workshops for teachers used this. Do you remember the kid in grade school … Continue reading A Letter From the Class Dummy

Dancing in the Mine Fields by Andrew Peterson

The Dee Zone is not connected with Andrew Peterson. When I post videos I like to include something about the artist or song. I think Andrew's description of the inspiration for this song is better than anything I might write. In December of 2009 my wife and I celebrated fifteen years of marriage. A few … Continue reading Dancing in the Mine Fields by Andrew Peterson

Sausage, Spinach & Pasta Soup

Created this new soup Monday night and a friend requested I share the recipe.  It is loosely inspired by Italian wedding soup.  All measurements are estimates. I will try to get pictures to add later. Ingredients Olive Oil – enough to lightly cover bottom of pan 1 med onion chopped 3-4 mushrooms sliced 3-4 cloves … Continue reading Sausage, Spinach & Pasta Soup

Flashback: Top 10: Ways to Know You Are in Texas

Originally posted 29 January 2009 #10: The weather forecaster is describing the day as breezy and the wind speeds are over 50 mph. It isn’t windy yet because the trees aren’t touching the ground. #9: Complete strangers wave at you. This is especially true in small towns. #8: When driving in west Texas that strange … Continue reading Flashback: Top 10: Ways to Know You Are in Texas