Tribute to Dana Key

Christian music pioneer Dana Key passed away Sunday night June 6th. In the late 1970's Key and childhood friend Eddie DeGarmo formed the band DeGarmo and Key.  Together they recorded 17 albums. In the 1990's he moved from preforming music to producing and mentoring young musicians. Currently, he was pastor of the The Love of … Continue reading Tribute to Dana Key

Top 10: Random Tips for Life

#10: Never wash reds and whites together in hot water, unless of course you like wearing tiny pink clothes. #9: Never mess with a nerd, he/she might be your boss one day. #8: You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. #7: Even a peanut butter and jelly sandwich can become a gourmet meal … Continue reading Top 10: Random Tips for Life

ID10T Award: Way to Go Big D!

Well, the city of Dallas, Texas has certainly out done the winners of previous ID10T awards. It may be the ID10T winner of the year if not decade. A water main burst Monday night flooding the Dallas county's electrical system. As  a result it took out the entire computer system for the city of Dallas.  … Continue reading ID10T Award: Way to Go Big D!