One morning last week, I saw this rainbow one my way to work. The job I have now is certainly not my first choice or one I thought I would ever have.  A couple of years ago I lost a job that I really liked due to the economy. I was actually doing quite well at the job. Since I lost my job it has been a struggle.  Back in November, an unexpected job opportunity appeared. I really just took the job for finical reasons.

The rainbow reminded of God’s providence and blessings. He has helped us through a rough time. While God has not chosen to immediately remove all of the issues. He has provided a way out. Another surprise blessing is that I actually enjoy my job.

4 thoughts on “Rainbows and Surprise Blessings

  1. (Off topic, so feel free to delete) …

    I was looking at the full list of last night’s Grammy winners and saw one band I think you’ve covered here:

    BEST ROCK OR RAP GOSPEL ALBUM: “Live Revelations,” Third Day


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