Sky Watch Friday: Ocean Walk


This is the last of the pictures I took when we were in Daytona Beach. These were taken in at Ocean Walk. Ocean Walk has a shopping area, hotels, a park and of course beach access.

Ocean Walk Band Shell
Ocean Walk Band Shell
This statue kind of reminds me of ET's head.
This statue kind of reminds me of ET's head.

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Win A Free DVD Leaders Kit of Sacred Roads

sroadsSacred Roads: Exploring the Historic Paths of Discipleship is the new study from Threads Media by Heather Zemple. Threads Media is giving a way a free copy of the DVD leader kit on there blog. Entering is easy check out the Threads blog for details.

ID10T Award: Earth to Flight 188

ID10T The winners of the today’s award have pulled one of the most inexcusable and ridiculous acts.  Last Wednesday, Oct 21 the flight crew of Northwest Airlines Flight 188 missed their intended destination by 150 miles. Capt. Timothy B. Cheney, 53, and First Officer Richard Cole, 54, were experienced officers, not rookies. Until this incident Cheney had a spotless record. The pilots were oblivious of attempts by air traffic controllers to contact them for over an hour. National Guard jets were even on standby to intervene.  Cheney and Cole were so engrossed with the new pilot scheduling program on their personal laptops that they were unaware of their surroundings. Further it has been reported that the pilots were using overhead speakers and not headphones which can make it harder to hear radio communication. The FAA has  revoked the pilot license of Cheney and Cole. I guess they do not have to worry about learning the new scheduling program. This incident kind of makes me wonder about that using electronic devices can interfere with flight communication and control is being giving to the wrong group of people.

Operation Christmas Child

occ20093It is time once again to pack shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. Operation Christmas Child is a project of Franklin Graham’s organization Samaritan’s Purse that seeks to provide the neediest children with a simple gift. For many this may be the only gift they have ever received.

How You Can Get Involved:

  1. Pack a shoe box.
  2. Take box to your church or other drop off location.
  3. Pray.
  4. Find out about ways you can volunteer.
  5. Give a donation of $7 to cover shipping and other expenses related to getting the shoe boxes to the children. You may either include a check with your box or donate on-line. A new feature with on-line donation is the ability to track your box(s). It gives you a tracking number to include with the box.


Anita Renfroe On Humor in the Bible

Anita Renfroe has become one of my favorite comedian’s. First, heard about her the Momsense song on Youtue.  Found this clip of Renfroe discussing humor in the Bible interesting.

Renfroe makes an interesting point about the Bible. Sometimes I think that as Christians we take ourselves too seriously. The Bible has many examples of how we should live our lives such as Timothy or Nathaniel , as well as non-examples like Sampson among others. Also, there are examples of God using the most unlikely people like Esther or Ruth. God can even use a donkey.

Power of Prayer

Angela Montez, a clerk at an Indianapolis Advance America, has been getting a lot of media attention for her response to an armed robber.  Montez began praying and witnessing to would be robber Gregory L.  Smith. Smith an ex-serviceman and unemployed AC repairman had turned to robbery out of desperation. He and his family were the verge of being homeless.

If you haven’t seen Robin Roberts interview with Montez, which aired on Good Morning America last week it is worth watching. Montez raises some interesting points about the responsibility we have to help those who are in need.

Fun With Spammers

questionUsually, I delete spam but some spam deserves to fodder for blogging fun. This is also keeping with #8 in the About Comments. The other day I found this in my spam filters.

Your blog sucks, that’s because you have not yet agree to accept my exchange link proposal, call me.

Well, gee this is the first I’ve heard of an link exchange. How am I supposed to call someone when I don’t have a phone number for them.

Very much utilitarian enter but there are some place where I last wishes as not agree. But comprehensive its completely good.

I don’t really know where to start ripping this one.  It would be nice if there was at least one complete sentence.

Need help resetting my password.
Thank you,

Name Deleted

Well, gee I don’t know why some random dude is asking me for help with his password. Here goes try this “imstupid” or “idiot”.

Why hello my associates I am a long time reader but I finally decided to register and make a post. I just wanted to tell everyone that I really do like being part of this community. I cant wait to start posting messages.

Obviously this rocket scientist is confused. It is my blog not a community. He sure isn’t posting messages here. He isn’t even smart enough to get past the spam filter.

Great headline. If your cookie has a bite-sized action and your reader completes the action, I think two things happen. Their self-confidence goes up (which feels good) and their trust in you increases.

OK, someone pass the Oreos and see if that improves your self-confidence. Yes, I know what a cookie is.

I have noticed that some spammers are getting a little smarter by leaving what appears to be a normal comment with a link to their site.  While other spammers just leave gibberish.