God Guide Us

There is a business in our town that has a patriotic themed building. Among the decorations is a banner with the following: God bless America, stand beside her and guide her. Had to wait at the light near this business today and began thinking about that sign. The first thing that struck me was the … Continue reading God Guide Us

Calm Down

Universal health care has become a very controversial topic. Those who support universal health care insist that it is a basic right for all citizens. Those who oppose universal health care are described as uncaring and uniformed.  I have even read of a supposed government email address for reporting "fishy" email and posts about universal … Continue reading Calm Down

Thoughts on the Atonement

While working on this week's  Bible study lesson on the Atonement I began thinking about the Nature of God.  There are some people that have the view of God that he is this detached being out there some where who is just waiting for us to mess up so he can zap us. While other … Continue reading Thoughts on the Atonement

Welcome Home Pudge

Tuesday's trade with the Astros brings catcher Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez back to the Texas Rangers.  The Rangers let Pudge go after the 2002 choosing to keep the wrong Rodriguez. At the time the Rangers let Pudge go so that they could afford to keep short stop Alex Rodriguez aka Pay-rod. In his absence from the … Continue reading Welcome Home Pudge