Between the Beauty & Chaos Blog Tour

Check out Aaron Ivey’s new release Between Beauty & Chaos. It is available now on iTunes.


The new full-length album centers around God’s faithfulness and beauty, and the church’s response to injustice, poverty, and orphans. The 10 song album reflects a heart for the Kingdom of God here and now, between the beauty and the chaos.

New Music: Capital Lights

Recently I discovered the group Capital Lights on TVU music videos. Capital Lights is a Tulsa based rock group. Their song Outrage gets a lot of airplay. They are preforming this week at Cornerstone Festival (Bushnell, Illinois) on Wed July 1st. On July 4th they will be appearing with The Afters and Phil Stacey at the Funtastic Fourth in Big Spring, Texas.

Don’t Skip the Third Verse

Ever had one of those moments when you read or hear something and just thing Wow. Well that happened last Sunday when we were singing O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing. The third verse just really hit me. I’m sure I’ve read it before but I guess I hadn’t thought about the words. Of course, it was the third verse, the one that gets skipped a lot.

He breaks the power of canceled sin,
He sets the prisoner free;
His blood can make the foulest clean,
His blood availed for me.

Christ’s death not only bought my salvation but set me free. I’m have freedom and am no longer bound to the old stuff and junk in my past. Yes, I know it isn’t a new revelation but sometimes it is good to be reminded of the basics.

Found this video of David Crowder teaching/playing his arrangement of O For a Thousand Tongues to sing. He tells some of the story behind the hymn.

I think that Cyber Hymnal has all 19 of Charles Wesley’s orignial verses. I didn’t count them all but it certainly has a lot of verses most that I have never seen before.

Top 10: Best Burger Joints

top10#10: Sonny’s BBQ (Florida based chain) – Sonny’s barbecue is at best average but they make a good burger. One of the cool things about their burger is the number of free toppings available.  Oh, be sure to get the sweet tea.

#9: Sonic – Yes, I really do like Sonic. I like their burgers, tots and cherry limeades.

#8: Dairy Queen – Let me clarify that I am talking about the full service restaurant that is common in Texas and Oklahoma not the little impostor kind found that doesn’t serve burgers. DQ burgers are supposed have names like Hunger Buster, Belt Buster and DQ Dude.  They also have pretty good steak fingers.

#7:  Chili’s, (Chain) – While Chili’s menu has changed over the years they still have a good burger.

#6: What-A-Burger, (Texas Based Chain) – One of my favorite chain burger places.  There is something about the taste of their burgers on Mrs. Baird’s buns that I really like. Unfortunately, most of the What-A-Burgers in Florida closed recently.

#5: Adam’s Rib Co. (Gainesville, FL) — Like many barbecue places Adam’s makes a mean burger. It is reasonably priced and quite yummy.

#4: Storm’s, (Central Texas) — Storms is a small family owned chain with locations Lampasas, Burnet, Hamilton, Kingsland and Marble Falls. The original location opened in Lampasas in 1950 as the Dairy Cue. They have good burgers, shakes and steak sandwiches (chicken fried, not the Philly kind). One of my favorite things used to be their coconut fried pies. They were shaped like little mini pies and deep fried. Unfortunately, they changed this several years ago.

#3: Kincaid’s Hamburgers, Ft Worth, TX — Originally, Kincaid’s was a grocery store. In the mid-1960’s, meat cutter O.R. Gentry began serving burgers to use up extra hamburger meat. As Kincaid’s popularity grew the grocery counters were shortened and table like-shelves were added. Currently, Kincaid’s has several locations.

#2: Sandwich Inn, Gainesville, FL — Sandwich is a drive thru burger dive with good prices and even better burgers. Be sure to get a vanilla shake.

#1: Charley’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers, Ft. Worth, Texas — Started out as a neighborhood place in the South Hills neighborhood but have since opened other locations.  The burgers and oninon rings are made fresh. My favorite is the Candian Burger. They

Repeal of Presidential Term Limits, True or False?

Recently, I received an email warning of impending legislation by Democrats to repeal the 22nd Amendment. The 22nd Amendment restricted Presidents to two terms. During the election I received many emails warning that Obama was part of a conspiracy by many groups including foreign governments to take over our country. One of the warnings was that presidential term limits would be removed making it possible for a sitting president to have unlimited powers. Well, I didn’t really believe the emails and quickly dismissed them. However I found this email worthy of investigation. There is some truth in the email.  H.J. Res 5 was introduced 6 January 2009 to 111th Congress by Rep. Jose Serrano (D-NY).

Apparently, this is not the first time that a resolution repealing the 22nd Amendment has been proposed.  However, each time it does not seem to make it out of committee. That is probably the same fate of H.J. Res 5. It was referred to Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties on 9 February 2009.

Since 1991 Rep. Jose Serrano has proposed 114 bills. Only 107 have made it out of committee. Based on voting and proposed legislation Serrano appears to be on the far left.

While the HJ Res 5 does exist it does not appear to be the threat to our civial liberties as suggested by the email I recieved.  It does bear watching to see if anything actually happens with HJ Res 5. I am inclined to believe that it will die in committtee just as early verisions of this bill have.

Top 10: Games

top10I did this the other day as a pick 5 on Facebook. I was frustrated because it would only allow me to select computer/video games. Several of my favorite games are regular games.

#1o: Lady Bug – I believe Lady Bug was one of the lessor known video games during the 1980’s. In high school our local burger joint had one. I got pretty good at it. I could play for a couple of hours on just one or two quarters. Lady Bug was similar to Pac Man. I got good enough to usually earn several extra games as well as extra lives. Each new free play would start faster than the first one. One day I was playing and some “jock” types begin hassling after I refused to give them the machine. One of the knuckleheads kept bragging about how much better he was than I was and if I could play it any idiot could. I had earned several free games and I knew the next game would start very fast. So, I let the yahoo take over with 9 lives and at least 3 or 4 games. He went through all of the lives and games within a matter of minutes. It was funny to watch his buddies turn on him because he had been beaten by a girl.

#9: Lego Star Wars Series – Lego Star Wars is supposed to be a kids game. However it is fun and at times quite challenging.

#8: Dr. Mario Dr. Mario is a Tetras type game. It was one of the few games I had for my old Nintendo but I really liked it.

#7:  Uno Uno is a simple and easy to play card game. I think it is best when played with a bunch of people.

#6: Roller Coaster Tycoon Series – There is something fun about creating roller coasters that I would never consider riding.  I think the series has progressively gotten better over time.

#5: Axis & Allies – The only thing I don’t like about Axis and Allies is how long it takes to set the game up. That is certainly one advantage of the computer version.

#4: Civilization II Civ II is my all time favorite computer game even though I have the complete Civilization collection.

#3: Trivia – While I prefer Trivial Pursuit 80’s and 90’s editions, I like trivia games in general. Got to find a use for all that random knowledge. Yes, I have tried to get on Millionaire, everyone around me got selected.

#2: Risk – Risk may not be as complex as some of the newer battle games it is still a classic and my favorite.

#1: Spades – My all-time favorite game is spades. When I was single I used to play almost every weekend.  It is one of those games where having ADHD can be advantagous. I talk alot while playing and many times my opponents believe I’m not paying attention especially if I have a nil hand. I really enjoy this when they think they will set me. The on-line and computer verisions of Spades are okay but nothing  beats a live game.