On Wild Flowers

Roadside patch of Bluebonnets in central Texas.
Roadside patch of Bluebonnets in central Texas.

The other day I was driving to work and noticed patches of beautiful pink wild flowers. One of the things I miss most about Texas is the spring time. That is when the wild flowers are in bloom. The mixture of Bluebonnets, Indian Paintbrushes with the green grass is just absolutely beautiful.

Our first several years in Florida I didn’t see any wild flowers. When I would ask about wild flowers, the responses I got were less than informative. It seems in a state like Florida that is green year round were just about everything grows wild flowers are overlooked.

Texas is quite different. Things are green only for a short time each year.  Parts of the state receive little rain especially in the summer.  So, after a long summer and winter where everything is brown the Bluebonnets are a refreshing sight. Each spring time the wild flowers come out. They bloom everywhere in yards, pastures and along the roadside.

Back to my original thought of the wild flowers I saw along the roadside. It struck that wild flowers are God’s reminder to look for beauty in the simple, ordinary and often unexpected places. True they are not quite as impressive as the local botanical gardens but they are sill beautiful.