There has been a growing be debate in Baptist circles regarding Calvinism. There has been a lot of very vocal and not so kind opposition to Calvinism. Disputes and name calling is nothing new in Baptist circles. Baptists emerged from the Dissenters in England and we have been dissenting ever since.  It seems that Baptist … Continue reading Enough!

Better Than Cleaning or Yet Another Facebook Meme

Taking a break from or trying to put off cleaning and found this on Facebook. Instructions: Please be sure to tag me so I can see your answers. Now here's what your supposed to do...and please don't spoil the fun. Create a new note , copy and paste this message , delete my answers and … Continue reading Better Than Cleaning or Yet Another Facebook Meme

Michael Tait Joins Newsboys

Yes, that is right Michael Tait has replaced Peter Furler as lead singer of the Newsboys. I had been hearing rumors of this for a while but it is offical. After 22 years with the group Furler will no longer be touring with the group. He will continue to write and produce plus make some … Continue reading Michael Tait Joins Newsboys

Dale Hansen on Terrell Owen’s Departure

Dale Hansen is the head sports guy for WFAA TV in the Ft Worth, Texas area. One of my favorites as has always been his "unplugged" segments. This one is about the departure of Terrell Owens from the Dallas Bratboys, I mean Cowboys. Wasn't able to get the video to work but here is the … Continue reading Dale Hansen on Terrell Owen’s Departure

Movie Review and More: America

Last weekend America debuted on Lifetime.  I don't usually like Lifetime movies but I found their newest offering interesting.  America recounts the plight of 16 year-old America who has grown up in the foster care system. Due to circumstances he ends up in a youth treatment center where encounters Dr. Maureen Brennan (Rosie O'Donnell). The … Continue reading Movie Review and More: America

When Love is Not Enough

If you are in the Ft. Worth, Texas area you might be interested in this upcoming performance of Chyna Robinson's play When Love is Not Enough. It is Friday, March 27th at Will Rogers center.  Found out about the play from one of my former students who is in it. For tickets and more info … Continue reading When Love is Not Enough