A couple of years ago I started making a set of dishes.  Have all of the bowls and most of the plates done. The pattern is a bluebonnet.  The bowls have a field of bluebonnets and wild flowers.




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15 thoughts on “ABC Wednesday: D is for Dishes

  1. GeL: I just painted them. Haven’t tried actually sculpting.

    Janie: TY, Bluebonnets are lupines.

    Carolina: TY. My artistic abilities may have also came from my Grandmother (saddling making Granddad’s wife). She was very artistic with sewing, cake decorating and millinery.


  2. I love the dishes. The blue colour is one of my favorite.
    When the Greeks had the Tourkish command for 400 years (from 1400 until 1800 a.C.), the Tourkish tried to make the Greeks from Orthodox to Muslims. They closed the schools and the churches so the kids wouldn’t know their roots and tradition. The monks and priests tried to teach the children reading and writing and to keep the flame of Orthodox religion alive. But they had to hide from Tourkish because the punishment was death. That’s why there were hidden schools.


  3. You made those? Wow, you are talented! They look like something which would catch my eye in an antique shop, with that artisan feel to them. I like them!!


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