The Big Guy is a graduate of  Texas A&M University. That’s right he is an Aggie and is involved in our local A&M Club. A couple of years ago the Aggie baseball team  played at the University of Florida. Several A&M Clubs from throughout Florida converged on Gainesville for the game. The official gathering was on Saturday but some Aggies also attended games on Friday and Sunday. We gathered before the game for an unofficial yell practice. I believe all the photographs were taken by RT.

Yell Practice before the game.
Yell Practice before the game.
The Big Guy and I flanked by the Texas & A&M flags.
The Big Guy and I flanked by the Texas & A&M flags.
Group shot of Aggies before the game.
Group shot of Aggies before the game.
Think the guy on the 2nd row far left is a little confused. He is wearing an Aggie shirt & Gator cap.
Think the guy on the 2nd row far left is a little confused. He is wearing an Aggie shirt & Gator cap.
Displaying a very large Lone Star (Texas) flag.
Displaying a very large Lone Star (Texas) flag.

No Aggie game would be complete without the Aggie War Hymn.  Found this video of a group of Aggies sing the War Hymn. Couldn’t find a good one with the Band or in Kyle Field. This video was originally aired on Fox News. Warning: Song includes mild language (1 word).

We Bleed Maroon” was preformed by Granger Smith ’02 and produced by the Office of Graduate Studies. The video provides a brief snapshot of what it means to be an Aggie and highlights many Aggie traditions including Bonfire, 12th Man and Yell Practice. Warning: Song includes mild language. What is it with Aggies and that word?

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14 thoughts on “ABC Wednesday: A is for Aggie Game

  1. Anne-Berit: TY

    Life with Kaishon: It is more than a football team it is a school. Texas A&M is one of 3 big state Universities in the state. A&M is also the 5th largest university in the U.S. so there are a lot of Aggies.


    Yes, there is a lot of history & tradition in this post. Tradition is an important part of A&M. The school even has a Traditions Council that is charged with protecting and promoting traditions. Texas A&M started as a military school. Membership in the Corp of Cadets is no longer mandatory. It is still the 5th largest producer of military officers in the U.S. The current U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates served as President of A&M prior to becoming Secretary of Defense.

    The 12th Man refers to the fans of Texas A&M. In 1922 during a tough game the coach called upon student and former football player E. King Gill to leave the stands and come to the field. The 12th Man stands during the entire game as a sign that they are ready to help the team. During the 1980’s the entire kick-off squad was composed of regular students who “walked onto the squad”. Later it was changed to have only one member of the 12th Man on the kick off squad. One of my friend’s actually got to play on the 12th Man squad one game.


  2. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comment. Your ABC wednesday-post brought me right back to my school years in Amsterdam. We had exactly the same colour sportswear in our school there. Didn’t like sports in school, so now I have to mix myself a stiff drink just to try and erase those memories. So cheers!


  3. I wish I had a local football team to support, but soccer is the game over here, and the few UK American football teams still have a long way to go before they could give you a run for your money!

    Looks like the Aggies have a great sense of community.


  4. Ellen: I’m learning to appreciate college sports. Grew up in a town with 5 pro teams (Baseball, Football, hockey, soccer, & B-ball)

    Carolina; In high school I took band instead of PE. In college I got to take golf and other fun type sports for PE. I have always enjoyed attending games.

    Chapheng: That might be a good idea.

    Lilly: It was fun.

    Jay: The game we went to was baseball not football. The videos featured football games at Kyle Field and were done by the University.

    Dragonstar: I try to find an unusual/creative choice.


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