questionWell, it is a Monday morning and the Big Guy as the day off due to the MLK holiday. I am still contemplating the best way to clean of the remains the exploding fire extinguisher. We have had a reoccurring problem with the fire extinguisher in our laundry room that likes to fall off without warning onto the washer. It seems last night it fell when The Big Guy was trying to switch the laundry and extinguisher decided to attack. This time the pin came out causing the contents to spew everywhere. It was the dry chem kind now our downstairs is covered with a fine dust. We started cleaning last night. So before I attack the waiting mess I decided to post something. Yes, that is right I am stalling.

One of my friend’s Kevin Wenzel from Wiseman House Chocolates in Hico, Texas will be serving some of his handmade candy at the Black Tie & Boots Inaugural Ball and Texas Fair in DC. The Texas Fair started on the 18th and runs through the 20th. (Read more in the Stephenville Empire-Tribune). Kevin is not the only candy maker in his family. Last week over at Hamilton County Gazetteer, I wrote about the Dutchman’s Hidden Valley run by Wenzel’s sister Kara and her husband Dan.

I was following some tags from one of the post I wrote and discovered a hilarious collection of profiles of flamers. Mike Reed at Flame Warriors has created a listing of flamer warriors found on forums and blogs too.

It seems I have run out of things to say so I guess I must tackle the mess downstairs. Have a good one. — DH

4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Randomness

  1. Ugh. We had some young punks get into a vacant apartment last summer and spray fire extinguisher all over. What a mess. Be sure to wear a dust mask, that stuff is nasty. It’s pretty easy to get up, just time consuming to get everywhere. Vacuum everything as best as possible then used a damp cloth rinsed often to get up what the vacuum misses.


  2. TY, That is what we have been doing. However it is very tough with my asthma. The Big Guy has had to do most of it.

    Speaking of punks, “our friend” left another comment last week.


  3. Hello,
    Thank you for visiting with me. I love to meet fellow bloggers. Your picture and the effects of the wind turbines came out wonderful.
    Wow! I am so sorry about the fire extinguisher. That can and does make quite a mess.
    I hope you have a great Tuesday.


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