N is for Nicky

Nicky was my dog that lived at my grandparent's house. OK, he actually belonged to my grandparents but I claimed him as my own. My grandparents always spoiled Nicky, just like they spoiled me.  He liked for my Granddaddy to feed him peppermints and rock him in the rocking chair. Nicky refused to go out … Continue reading N is for Nicky

My World Tuesday: View from My Front Door

Today is the beginning photo meme That's My World. It is a sister Meme to Sky Watch Friday. I thought that a good place to start would be the view from my front door. Each week I will feature shots from Florida and maybe some other places in the United States as well. Be sure … Continue reading My World Tuesday: View from My Front Door

Manadatory Vaccinations

My article today for Homeschool Benefits is about the supposed correlation between Mississippi's strict mandatory vaccination policy and the rise in homeschooling in that state. It seems that some officials in that state want to make vaccinations mandatory for all children not just those attending public schools. Well, this brings up an issue I have … Continue reading Manadatory Vaccinations

Sky Watch Friday: The Hulk

Today's SWF is a follow up to last week's SWF.  I took these pictures last month when I was Universal Studios Orlando (that is Florida not California) for Rock the Universe.   All of these shots were taken standing under the Incredible Hulk. The Incredible Hulk is very fast going from 0-40 mph in under 2 … Continue reading Sky Watch Friday: The Hulk

More About Comments

I encourage all visitors to leave comments.  Rarely do I edit comments and have only banned one commenter in over a year of blogging.  I ask that my readers kindly follow the guidelines outlined in About Comments. With that said I must also ask that you do not use my comments section to solicit donations … Continue reading More About Comments

M is for Magic Kingdom

Note: Walt Disney World is in Florida. Disney Land is in California. The Magic Kingdom is the oldest of the 4 major parks at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida and is similar to Disney Land in California. Each of the major parks at WDW has one iconic structure at the Magic Kingdom it is … Continue reading M is for Magic Kingdom