SWF Friday: The Swamp

NOTE: Post contains lots of pictures. Today's SWF is a follow up to this week's My World Tuesday entry. It featured a pictorial tour of one of Gainesville's most famous places, Ben Hill Griffin Stadium at Florida Field A.K.A. The Swamp. The Swamp is home to the University of Florida's Gator Football team.  In 2006-2007, … Continue reading SWF Friday: The Swamp

Halloween or Reformation Day

Personally, Halloween has never been a big deal for me. My mom didn’t like the idea of children going house to house and begging for candy so the only trick-or-treating I did was at my grandparents or other relative’s houses. I’m not really into costumes or scary things either. On October 31, 1517 Martin Luther … Continue reading Halloween or Reformation Day

My World Tuesday: Welcome to the Swamp

NOTE: Post contains lots of pictures. One of the most famous landmarks in Gainesville is Ben Hill Griffin Stadium a.k.a The Swamp. The Swamp is home to the University of Florida football team. The Swamp has seen action by three Heisman winners and two national championship teams. Be sure to visit the That’s My World! … Continue reading My World Tuesday: Welcome to the Swamp

More ID10T Candidates: Photos & Pot

Runner Up A Chicago teen was busted for illegally operating a commuter train. It seems this aspiring Einstein took pictures of himself and then posted them on his MySpace page.  Yep, that's right he provided the authorities with photographic proof of his stunt. Metra officials received a phone call a couple of weeks ago about … Continue reading More ID10T Candidates: Photos & Pot

Extreme Classroom Disclipine

An Afghan court sentences a 24-year-old former journalism student Parwez Kambakhsh to twenty years in jail for asking questions in class. According to Islamic law, he could have face the death penalty. His crime was asking questions about women's rights.  Kambakhsh's lawyer was unable to question potential witness's until the night before the trial.  One … Continue reading Extreme Classroom Disclipine

Sky Watch Friday: Seuss Landing at Islands of Adventure

Today's SWF is the third installment featuring photos I took at Universal Studios Orlando (that is Florida not California)  during  Rock the Universe in September. All the shots today were taken at Seuss Landing in Islands of Adventure. Universal Studios Orlando is divided into two parks Islands of Adventure and the Studio part.