AlligatorsResearchers in Louisiana became intrigued that alligators live in swamps, often get cuts or other injuries but rarely die from infections. The researchers studied alligator blood. They discovered that alligator blood can destroy 23 different strains of bacteria including strains that are resistant to antibiotics. Researchers hope that this discovery may lead to new drugs that might even be useful in treating HIV/AIDS.

One interesting note is that one of the researchers involved is from Louisiana State University (LSU). Maybe he has learned that Gators are superior. Go Gators!!!

Article source: National Geographic News

4 thoughts on “Gator Blood

  1. DL,

    Glad you find my site interesting.

    I am allowing your comment. However if you or your husband becomes abusive like you did at the other site you will be banned.



  2. Hi, Dee! Sorry I haven’t been around for the last week or so, but I’ve been doing a little researching and writing.

    I think this post is absolutely fascinating. We never know where new drug treatments can be found, I guess, but it’s wonderful that someone did make the connection between gators and infection resistance. Thanks for posting this!


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