Yet Another ID10T Winner

Somebody must have left the idiot gate open because there seems to be a bumper crop of candidates for the ID10T award. I heard this one on the news last night however I was not able to find it on-line so a few details like names and location are missing. A north-central Florida woman and … Continue reading Yet Another ID10T Winner

Movie Review: Fireproof

We saw Fireproof this weekend. Fireproof tells the story of firefighter Capt. Caleb Holt (Kirk Cameron). At work Holt is a hero who rushes into burning buildings to save others and is committed to adage “never leave your partner behind”. However, things at home are quite different Holt’s marriage is in a tailspin. Holt and … Continue reading Movie Review: Fireproof

SWF Friday: Flagler College

Flagler College is located in the heart of historic St. Augustine, Florida. Flagler College is named for Gilded Age industrialist Henry Flagler.  The historic Hotel Ponce de Leon serves a residence hall and focal point of the campus.  Built by Henry Flagler in 1888 the Hotel Ponce de Leon was an exclusive by invitation only … Continue reading SWF Friday: Flagler College

Guitar Hero

In another post I referred to the guitar that David Crowder uses for Neverending. He uses a Guitar Hero controller that B-Wack the drummer modified. This video explains the guitar. Here is a clip I found from Passion:Atlanta this weekend. This weekend I did notice that the guitar he used for the song was smaller … Continue reading Guitar Hero