Aaron at the Paper Mirror posted 10 Things I’m Not Afraid to Admit the other day and invited others to participate. Well, I have decided to turn it into one of my Top 10 lists.

#10: I’m not really impressed with Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller. Just don’t like his writing styles.

#9: The Big Guy & I have Veggie Tales and we don’t have kids.

#8: I could never become a vegetarian unless steak becomes a vegetable.

#7: One of the biggest reasons I don’t drink is that I prefer Dr Pepper or juice they just taste better.

#6: I don’t like the Dallas Cowboys or Dallas Brat boys as one of the local sports writers called them.

#5: I listen to rap music.

#4: I don’t like black eye peas and don’t even eat them on New Year’s.

#3: I don’t like horror movies.

#2: I still eat PBJ sandwiches.

#1: I am a Texas Rangers fan and I mean the baseball team.

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