Reflections on Horton Hears a Who

Monday night the Big Guy and I went to see Horton Hears a Who. I know you are probably thinking hey isn't that a kid's movie. Yes, it is and by the way there were only 4 other people in the theater all adults. It surprised me that The Big Guy wanted to see the … Continue reading Reflections on Horton Hears a Who

Friday’s Feast

Appetizer Invent a new flower; give it a name and describe it. My flower would be a Rosebonnet. It would be a hybrid between a red rose and a Bluebonnet. Red roses and bluebonnets are two of my favorite flowers. It would have sweet fragrance of roses mixed with fresh smell of bluebonnets. The coloring … Continue reading Friday’s Feast

Sky Watch Friday: Hamilton County (TX) Courthouse

The current Hamilton County Courthouse was built in 1887 from native limestone for a little over $30,000. The courthouse was remodeled in 1932 and cost almost $56,000. At that time the wings on the north and south sides were added as well as the basement. For more about the Hamilton County Courthouse visit the Hamilton … Continue reading Sky Watch Friday: Hamilton County (TX) Courthouse

F is for Fort Worth Herd

Ft. Worth, Texas or Cowtown became famous for its stockyards. The Ft. Worth Herd began in its daily cattle drives through the streets of the historic Stockyards in 1999. The Ft. Worth herd is comprised of the iconic Longhorn cattle. Cattle played an important part of the economy of Ft Worth first with cattle trails … Continue reading F is for Fort Worth Herd

More About the Blue Ridge Community

Recently my ABC Wednesday entry featured a glimpse of the Blue Ridge Community. Since posting those pictures I have been sent more pictures and thought I would share some more about Blue Ridge. While I never lived at Blue Ridge my mom and grandparents grew up there. I did spend time at my Granny's house, … Continue reading More About the Blue Ridge Community

Don’t Mess With Granny

I'm sure you may have heard about this one by now but it still worth mentioning. Last week 85 year-old great-grandmother Leda Smith returned home to find a 17-yr-old punk had broken into her home. He was hiding in a corner in her living room. Smith walked past the kid to her bedroom to retrieve … Continue reading Don’t Mess With Granny