One of the perks of my job is getting to listen to preview copies of music. Today, thought I would share some new music that you should check out. So, the criteria for todays list is that the music has to be a new release or a new artist. I define new release as anything released in the last few months.

#10 Lanae’ Hale. Lanae is a new artist that came in the store today. Currently, she has only released an EP but I really like what I’ve heard so far. You can check out her music here. Heard her in concert last week she is even better live. Really liked her cover of Coldplay’s Fix You.

#9 What if We by Brandon Heath. Ok, I really haven’t been much of a Brandon Heath fan but I do like this project. Five out of 11 songs got a 4 star rating (5 star possibles) from me. I tend to rate music pretty low especially from someone I don’t really listen to. The downside on this one is that it does not release until August 19th. You can get a sneak peak of the CD if you go to Brandon’s website.

#8 Make Some Noise by Krystal Meyers. Release date for the CD is September 9th. We have the preview copy in the store & this is going to be a good one. You can listen to a sample of it on her website.

What Would Life Be Like by Big Daddy Weave#7 What Would Life Be Like by Big Daddy Weave. . We’ve been playing the preview copy in the store for a couple of weeks and I really like this one. This one to hit the streets this past Tuesday, July 22nd. My favorite tracks are Revive Us Again and From Here. Revive Us Again is a sentimental favorite. It is one of three hymns that remind me of my Granddad. Overall it is a very good project. Oh, We Want the World To Hear is also a good song.

#6 Love Will Rise by Mitch McVicker. The CD has been out for a few months but it is very good. Rich Mullins fans will probably recognize the McVicker’s name. While his style is different from Mullins the depth of McVicker’s lyrics are similar to Mullins.

#5 The Grafting by John Schlitt. The former lead singer for Petra has a new project out. It has been out for several months but it is very good. If you are Petra fan or just like something with a good rock sound check out The Grafting. On the quirky side the first printing of the CD (7,000 copies) has a mistake on the back cover, CD face and digitally. The songs are mislabeled. However they are correct on the lyrics. When I called our rep at Provident I was informed that only one other person had reported the error. Oh, BTW, the other person was Schlitt. The collector in me wants to get a 2nd copy of the CD & leave it unopened.

#4 Blood Certified by D. King. This was released last year but King is still a new artist. He has a lot of talent as a rapper and signer. He will be in concert with Da’ T.R.U.T.H. and Flame on Friday, July 25 in Jacksonville. Editors Note: Just found out the concert was canceled.

#3 Vertical Expressions by II Guys From Petra. The debut acoustic release from John Schlitt & Bob Hartman is very good. It reminds me of Petra Praise 2. According to something I read, Hartman was asked to lead music for a youth retreat. While working on the music he asked Schlitt to join him. From there the guys decided it wouldn’t be that hard to release a CD. When coming up with a name Schlitt suggested they just call themselves II Guys From Petra because whatever name they choose that would be what people called them.

#2 Master & Musician 30th Anniversary Edition by Phil Keaggy. Ok, this is not a new release at all. However, it is certainly one you need to check out. The 2 disc set includes the original release plus a disc with bonus materials. The bonus disc includes a commentary from Keaggy about the project. I did not realize how important this CD was or album when it was released in 1978. It was Keaggy’s entry into the mainstream Christian market and his debut with Word Records.

Third Day

#1 Revelation by Third Day. If you have read much of my blog you have probably learned that Third Day is my favorite band. Revelation may be their best release yet. It is quickly becoming one of my favorite albums. That would be a good topic for another day. You can pick up your copy Tuesday, July 29th.

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