My Blog

Note PadJust a quick disclaimer. Unless otherwise noted most if not all of the articles posted on my blog are my original work. As a result I get very offended when someone merely reposts my writing on their own blog.

If you are one of those bloggers who is too lazy to write your own stuff that is great but LEAVE MY STUFF ALONE. Do not repost my stuff along with the junk you sponge off others. Maybe if you are unable to come up with your own stuff then that should be a clue that blogging isn’t your thing.

Also, when I call you on it do not quickly make a bunch of original posts on the same day to try to mask the fact that for weeks you have been stealing others work and only post one original item every couple of weeks. Or whine about my giving you attitude. I guess for those bloggers who are accustomed to stealing from others then it might be hard to understand why someone gives you attitude when you steal their stuff. The slug who was the inspiration for this blog even had his comments turned off and had pages of blogs with no comments. I guess that prevents the original authors from slamming him. I may not like or agree with every comment but comments make things more interesting.

Why do I get offended by someone stealing my stuff? First, it is mine. I created it and in some cases spent a lot of time and energy coming up with ideas. Yes, there are days when I post about something I read somewhere else but I try not to repost content, rather summarize, comment or just point you in the direction of the source. Consider my postings from last week:

  • Monday I wrote a blurb about expanding my Blogroll.
  • Tuesday featured a little blurb about instructions for modding a Guitar hero control like David Crowder uses for the song Neverending.
  • On Wednesday I posted something about a new film being made about Billy Graham with a link to the original article.
  • Thursday featured a piece I wrote about the education crises in Florida. Also, this is the piece that the slug decided to steal a rather long quote. The quote was longer than what little original content he wrote.
  • Friday is always Sky Watch Friday with photographs I took myself.
  • Saturday featured a post about the new Third Day release and a video clip about the making of the project. Look for a review of the project later this week.

The slug claimed that he was helping improve my readership by posting he found interesting. Well on both Tuesday and Wednesday I wrote about something I found interesting and was able to do so without reposting their content. BTW, I have had no hits from the slug. My guess is he has very few if any readers.

I have no problem with someone responding to something I have written about or giving me a hat tip for an idea. I just do not want other people stealing my work.