Update 2: On Myspace Hoax

HandcuffsToday, Lori Drew entered a non-guilty plea before a federal grand-jury in Los Angeles. Drew has finally been charged with something in a MySpace scam. Drew masterminded a scheme to humiliate 13-year old Megan Meier. Apparently, Drew was seeking revenge because Megan had terminated her friendship with Drew’s daughter. As a result of this scam Megan committed suicide.

Drew and Megan both lived in a suburb of St. Louis. However, previously neither local authorities or the FBI had been able to find any way to bring charges against her. It seems that an adult impersonating a teen to torture another teen does not violate any laws other than the Golden Rule.

Last month, Drew was charged in California for violating the MySpace terms of service. Drew’s trial is scheduled for July 26 and could face up to 20 years in prison for her crime. Drew has been charged with conspiracy and accessing a protected computer to obtain information. This is a statue that has previously been used to against individuals who have hacked into government computers. It is a long shot but finally something is being done to stop a predator.

Drew has loudly complained that she and her family are being unfairly persecuted. Also, she has claims that she did nothing wrong. If Drew did nothing wrong why did she delete the account shortly after Megan’s death and tell another teen involved in the plot to keep her mouth shut. Drew called the other teen while emergency personnel were at the Meier home. Drew’s own actions indicate that she is aware her actions are wrong. It is time that she be held accountable.