Sky Watch

Last month we took a mini-vacation to Ormond Beach & Daytona Beach. You can see more pictures from our trip here.

Ormond Beach at Night

Took this while we were waiting for the VOTran Trolley to Daytona Beach. I like the how the Waffle House roof almost looks it is floating. If you ever go to the Daytona Beach area be sure to invest in a daily VOTran pass. It sure is cheaper and easier than parking.

Ormond Beach at Night

Love the contrast of the colors in the clouds.

Ormond Beach

Thought the clouds looked cool.

Ormond Beach

Another shot of clouds with jet trails in the background.

For more Sky Watch visit Tom.

18 thoughts on “Sky Watch Friday: Ormond Beach

  1. Suzanne, Ida, Quinttarantino, Daniel: TY

    Abe & Sandy: I first took the waffle house picture on my cell phone because I thought the cloud on the left looked liked an F. When I looked at the picture I realized Waffle House looked like a floating pyramid.

    To all: I am having to use dial-up so I won’t be able to check out your pages until tomorrow.


  2. Kim,Petunia, Babooshka, Carletta: TY

    Ellen: Ty & Oh, I’m in Fort Worth area this weekend. I will post pictures later.

    Richard: I took a picture on my cellphone. Saw the Wafflehouse floating & took out the camera.


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