How is College Different from High School?

College and high school both have classes, students and teachers. College is a completely different world than high school. The focus in high school is educating and equipping teens with the skills needed for adulthood and life. College prepares adults for careers and or to reach personal goals. One of the greatest differences between high … Continue reading How is College Different from High School?

Sky Watch Friday: Palm Trees

More pictures with my new toy. I am enjoying playing with it. These shots my be reminiscent of a beach or the island from Lost but were really taken on the University of Florida campus. I am amazed by the amount and variety of vegetation in Florida. It is a cool to see palm trees, … Continue reading Sky Watch Friday: Palm Trees

Florida Education Crisis

For the past several months the local news has been full of stories about budget issues in Florida. There has been a movement to reduce taxes in the state. Florida is one of the few states with no income tax. As a result of budget cuts all levels of education are suffering from elementary through … Continue reading Florida Education Crisis

How to Be Like Dave

A couple of months ago I wrote about the modded Guitar Hero controller David Crowder uses for the song Neverending. Yes, he really uses a guitar hero controller for the song, I've seen him do it live. You can check out a clip of Crowder here. Found instructions for converting a Guitar Hero controller into … Continue reading How to Be Like Dave