High school senior Brad Walker was found a solution to high gass prices.High school senior Brad Walker from Rockwood, TN has found a solution to high gas prices. He has decided to ride his horse, Pumpkin, to school. It takes him about 45 minutes to make the four mile trek from his home to school. The cost is about $1 a day. His “green” plan may come to an end due to an increased demand for coral space. More students are wanting to ride horses to school unfortunately the school’s coral only holds one horse.

Surprisingly, riding a horse is not considered a totally green from of transportation because horse droppings are considered illegal emissions.

I think it is a great idea and I hope Walker is able to continue riding Pumpkin. He is certainly thinking outside the box or maybe it is outside the coral.

3 thoughts on “Solution to High Gas Price

  1. This is great! God did give us horses and two legs of our own to walk…a lot less complicated than motor vehicles which use gasoline and require parking spots. I also ride my bicycle to the gym, since my 16 year old son recently shared how ridiculous he thought it was for people to “drive to the gym.”


  2. Horses are very intelligent animals and can easly learn the way to and from school, so that the rider can study while the horse does the driving.


  3. Dianne,

    He has a point although for some of us the distance of getting to the gym would be enough exercise. Wish I had a bike to ride to and from work. That would be a nice little workout.

    Guess we would have less accidents as well.


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