This past weekend The Big Guy and I took a mini-vacation. He will be teaching summer school and this is only break for the next 12 weeks or so we decided to use the time to get away. We went to Ormond Beach and Daytona Beach. It was a fun but quick trip.

We drove in Thursday night after I got off work. So we didn’t really do much our first night there but check in and get some sleep.

Casa Del Mar

The resort Casa Del Mar.

On Friday we spent the day at the pool and beach. That evening we took the trolley to Ocean Walk/Board walk, at $3 each the passes were a good investment. Saved us on parking and gas plus was less hassle than trying to find things.

Birds on a ledge

Thought the birds looked cool.

Ormond Beach

Our resort was right on the beach.

Ormond Beach

Ormond Beach

The Big Guy enjoying the pool at the resort

The Big Guy enjoying the pool at the resort.

Boardwalk Bandshell

Night shot of the Boardwalk band shell.

On Saturday we went back to Ocean Walk. The Big Guy aka the Coupon King had some coupons for the Daytona Lagoon. We each got a free round of mini-golf and buy one get one on go-carts. After that we headed back to the Ocean Walk to catch a movie. We saw Iron Man. If you haven’t seen it be sure to stick around after the credits. After the movie we headed back to Ormond Beach. We decided to check out a local place Charley Horse for dinner. It was very good. We try to avoid the chains when on vacations.

The Big Guy ready for some fun.

The Big Guy ready for some fun.

Go Big Guy

Go Big Guy!

The Big Guy on the track

Day shot of Ocean Walk

Taken near the Boardwalk Band Shell.


Taken on the boardwalk.

18 thoughts on “Ormond Beach & Daytona Beach Trip

  1. It’s great that you were able to get away for a time and could see another one of our Florida beaches. Your location was perfect!


  2. It was fun. We like the St. Augustine beach better but it was nice to see somewhere new. I think my favorite beach has been the one I went to in W. Florida can’t remember where.


  3. I’ve only been to Florida once. My favorite part of Florida was the beaches. We picked up SO MANY shells that were just perfectly shaped- it was amazing! This outing of yours looks like so much fun! πŸ˜€

    Hey, did you get my notice that I changed the address of My Blog ? I was just letting you know, because the RSS feed won’t update with the old address.


  4. Rebecca,

    Were in Florida?

    I’ve only been to CA once. It was for a mission trip. We painted a church and handed out Bibles. One of the days we were distributing Bibles we unknowingly were following both a group of JW missionaries, LDS missionaries and another Christian group (don’t remember the group). We were just supposed to deliver the Bibles to homes and not knock on doors. One guy started yelling at us to stop coming to his door. We found out from one of his neighbors that we were the 4th group of Christians to come through the neighborhood in about an hour. Since we were just delivering the Bible to the door and not bothering anyone we couldn’t figure out why he was so mad at us. I guess someone should have done a little better planning.

    We did get to go to Disneyland.

    Yes, I just haven’t had time to change my google reader. Are you still on wordpress?


  5. We went to Orlando. We spent a lot of our time at Disney World and the beaches and the zoo. It was really fun. πŸ™‚

    No, I’m no longer on WordPress. I moved my blog to my own server. That’s why it has a new address:


  6. Rebecca,

    Haven’t been to the zoo. Which beaches? We have been to Ormond, St. Augustine, & Crescent Beach on the East Coast. Cedar Key and Ft. Walton Beach on the Gulf Coast.


  7. does anyone know the name of the tiny shells found on daytona’s beaches–that is what gives it the reddish hue; the insides are edible–when thrown into a pot of boiling water, the shells separate, and float to top–I cannot remember the name of them–was googling to find that when i stumbled here. thanks


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