Response to: Teacher Encourages and Participates in Emotional Abuse of Autistic Student

Well, I did it again my response to a post has grown into a post of its own.. This started out as a response to Elfninosmom's piece about a Wendy Portillo, kindergarten teacher, at Morningside Elementary School in Port St. Lucie, Florida who encouraged her students to excommunicate 5 year-old Alex Barton from their classroom. … Continue reading Response to: Teacher Encourages and Participates in Emotional Abuse of Autistic Student

Real Hope For Haiti

Aaron from The Paper Mirror and other bloggers have been blogging about Real Hope for Haiti this week. Today I want to share one of the stories from the rescue center. This is a story of hope. it’s a story of faith, trust, and obedience. a normal American family, much like yours, felt like God … Continue reading Real Hope For Haiti

Score One for the Little Guys

The Dallas Baptist Patriots baseball team has been selected to play in the NCAA Division I National Tournament for the 1st time in school history. This is the Patriots 3rd season in Division I play. DBU is the 1st independent team other than Miami to be invited to NCAA Regional tournament since 1992. Congratulations Guys! … Continue reading Score One for the Little Guys

Banned from Church

Last week ABC News had a report about Adam Race, an autistic boy, who was banned from attending Church of St. Joseph in Bertha, Minnesota. Apparently Adam had become so disruptive that the church considered his attendance a threat to others. Rev. Daniel Walz claims that accommodations were made or at least offered to the … Continue reading Banned from Church

Useful, Useless, Random Tidbits

I had some time while I was waiting on Nate to pick me up from work. So decided to spend the time surfing the net and here are some of the things I learned. A busker is a street musician or performer. I’m not sure when or why I might need this one but I … Continue reading Useful, Useless, Random Tidbits