Today, Nate had to drive back & teach. The kids & I stayed at the resort. As Chief put it this was his last chance to sleep in for a while. They slept until almost noon. Ate lunch & watched X-Men 1.5 in the condo. We did walk over to the IMax and catch Everest. It is narrated by Liam Neison. Then we went back to condo and watched X Men 3. When The Big Guy got back we went to the Murry Brother’s Caddyshack for Dinner, it is a cool place.


View from our room.
The balcony is enclosed so it was taken through the screen.


Fountain near the Golf Hall of Fame.


The Big Guy, Me & Kat


The Big Guy, Me & Chief


Kat, Me & Chief.
Chief got a several comments on his HSU shirt.

Caddy Shack
Taken looking across the pond at the Grande Villas

Then it was back to the resort for movie night; Night At the Musuem.

I should have pictures up tomorrow evening.

2 thoughts on “Spring Break Day 4: Now With Pictures

  1. Thanks for sharing your photos with us! I especially like the last one; wow, what scenery!

    That does it, I’m heading back to St. Augustine the first chance I get. 🙂


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