The Power of Books

Last night I was thinking about books that have influenced my life. Not just books I like but truly life changing books. Of course for me a given and Sunday School answer is the Bible. I beginning mulling over the idea of what books have really impacted my life. I decided to limit my list … Continue reading The Power of Books

Some Musicians You Should Check Out

If you have been reading my blog you may have figured out that I like music. I have complied a list of of some of the musicians I listen to. This isn't really a Top 10 or favorite list just some artist I find interesting. Brobdingnagian Bards. The Bards call themselves the Original Celtic Renaissance … Continue reading Some Musicians You Should Check Out

Some Blogs I read

Today I thought I would share some of the blogs I enjoy reading. Confessions Of A Small-Church Pastor. Chuck is a pastor in Virginia. I really enjoy reading his weekly sermons. The Happy Wonderer. I really enjoy all of the pictures Ellen posts. Great place to head over to if you are having tough day. Shane … Continue reading Some Blogs I read

Top 10: Favorite Bands

#10 Caedmon’s Call. Caedmon's Call got it's start as out as the praise & worship band for Second Baptist, Houston Texas. Derek Webb is back for the groups most recent project, Overdressed. My favorite song is Bus Driver. I know it isn't very deep but I just like the song. Also, I really like the … Continue reading Top 10: Favorite Bands

Another Out of Control Cop

This week another incident of a police officer misusing power caught on tape is making the national news.  Check out the this segment from ABC's Good Morning America. Last November, Angela Garbarino was arrested for DUI.  During the booking process Garbarino being difficult and asked Officer Wylie Willis repeatedly if she could make a phone … Continue reading Another Out of Control Cop