Response to: “How Do You Know?”

question.gifToday’s post is a response to a post written by Confused Christian last week. Unfortunately, his blog is no longer available. 

1. What is your Religion and what is its denomination? 

My religion is Christian and my domination is Baptist. However, I am a Christian above all. To me Christianity is more than rituals and obligations but rather a relationship. Like all relationships it requires time to develop. 

2. How do you know that your Religion is true?

One of the best arguments in support of Christianity was given by the Apostle Paul to the citizens of Athens on Mars Hill.  See Acts 17:19-34.

3. How do you know that your version of your Religion is not a heretical one? 

According to Merriam-Webster Dictonary On-line heresy is a departure from accepted beliefs or standards of a religion. With that said I do not think that other religions are necessarily heretical.  Heresy exists in all religions. Gnosticism is an example of a heretical sect. I am convinced that Christianity is the only religion that worships the one true, Almighty, Living God.

4. Can you base your evidence on something other then a “feeling” or what you think might be seen as a divine revelation?

Evidence to support the existence God of can be found through natural revelation as well as the Bible. Further more there are archaeological findings, textual evidence and eyewitness accounts to support the existence of God. Ultimately, I am convinced God does exists.

5.    What would it take for you to think that your revelation of truth is actually an illusion?

I went through a period of questioning years ago. After much prayer and research I am convinced that Christianity is the true religion. I would need God to reveal to me that Christianity is not the true faith.

6.What would you do if you found out you were wrong?

I do not believe this is going to happen. I agree with Pascal’s assertion in his essay Pascal’s Wager  “If I am wrong, then I have nothing to lose. If atheists are wrong, they have everything to lose.”


  1. First, I apologize for offending you with my language in my post. It’s kind of the way I am and I meant no offense to you personally. Also, I find it offensive that you have to answer these questions. Questions of faith is an oxy-moron. Faith is faith. It reqires no explanation, no proof. I like your quote, “Ultimately, I am convinced that God does exist.” To me, nuff said.

  2. Clint,

    Your language didn’t offend. I just not to use it.

    Sorry defending my faith offends you. However, it is something that as Christians we should be able to do.


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