Wacky News Item: Pot Vending Machine

Found another wacky news item on FoxNews.com.Yes, that is right a vending machine that dispenses marijuana. An inventor in Los Angeles has created a machine that dispenses medical marijuana. California is one of 11 states that allow medical use of marijuana. However, the federal government does not recognize the state laws. The machines were created … Continue reading Wacky News Item: Pot Vending Machine

In The News Today ….

Interesting tibits I have found in the news today. Florida Primaries If you live in Florida head then it is time for you to the polls and vote for the presidential candidate of your choice. Sunday the New York Times published an interesting Op-Ed by Caroline Kennedy comparing Obama with her father. Essentially it is … Continue reading In The News Today ….

Top 10: ADHD Things

As, you probably have figured out if you have read my tagline I have ADHD. Life with ADHD can be interesting, at times challenging but mostly it is just normal. While talking with a friend I came up with the idea for writing a list of Top 10 ADHD Things. #10 Easily distracted Sometimes it … Continue reading Top 10: ADHD Things

Top 10: Date Night Ideas

#10 Picnic in the Park Pack a lunch or grab some sandwiches, blanket and head to the nearest park. Bring along a Frisbee or a kite for more fun. #9 Hiking Find a state park or hiking trails. Be sure to pack a lunch and plenty of water. This is a great way to spend … Continue reading Top 10: Date Night Ideas

Response to: “How Do You Know?”

Today’s post is a response to a post written by Confused Christian last week. Unfortunately, his blog is no longer available.  1. What is your Religion and what is its denomination?  My religion is Christian and my domination is Baptist. However, I am a Christian above all. To me Christianity is more than rituals and obligations but rather … Continue reading Response to: “How Do You Know?”

The Gospel Between Fred Phelps and Joel Osteen

Fred Phelps and Joel Osteen have gotten a lot of press recently for the message they preach. Both loudly proclaim the message God has given them. They claim to speak for the same God yet preach very diverse messages. The Gospel According to Fred Phelps  Phelps is the pastor of the tiny Westboro Baptist Church … Continue reading The Gospel Between Fred Phelps and Joel Osteen

Wacky News

TV in the bedroom has an alarm/timer. It turns on the morning news usually Good Morning. The first two stories I caught after waking up this morning made me think I must still be dreaming. Wacky Story #1: Surreal Tom Cruise Scientology Video I woke up this morning to a story about Tom Cruise's latest … Continue reading Wacky News