The Bible Literacy Project

The Bible Literacy Project is a movement to provide a Bible elective for public schools. Contrary to popular belief it is legal to study the Bible from an academic perspective. Devotional Bible study is not allowed in public schools. The Bible Literacy Project focuses on the impact that the Bible has had on literature, art … Continue reading The Bible Literacy Project

What I Really Learned in School

Have you ever wondered what the most important thing you learned in school was? I mean what impact has education had on your life? There are some classes algebra or geometry that I don't really use. When was the last time you used any of that stuff? Music, cooking and yes even sewing are all … Continue reading What I Really Learned in School

Christmas Reflection

Recently, I have read several sources questioning the authenticity of the Nativity narrative. Even the Archbishop of Canterbury has recently questioned the traditional Nativity narrative portrayed in Christmas plays, Christmas cards and various Nativity scenes.   Are the traditions associated with the Nativity true?  First, was Christ really born on December 25th? Most likely December 25th … Continue reading Christmas Reflection

2008 Presidential Election

Well, I have decided to write about my views on the 2008 Presidential election. It is important to become an informed voter. Now is the time to do research and decide which candidate you support or maybe dislike the least.  Below is a list of the candidates with a link to the official website for … Continue reading 2008 Presidential Election

Commas, Diagramming and Other Rants About English

The other day The Big Guy was reading my blog and informed me that I needed a comma for some reason or another. This lead to lively and humorous dialogue about my not needing commas and semi-colons. Nate that it would be a great topic for a blog. Of course, he thinks everything makes a … Continue reading Commas, Diagramming and Other Rants About English

True Meaning of Christmas

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ. Although many of the traditions associated with Christmas and even the day on which it is celebrated have pagan origins. Most likely Christ was not born on December 25th. The weather conditions at that time of the year would have made it unlikely Mary & Joseph … Continue reading True Meaning of Christmas