thewall.jpgarlingtonnc.jpgToday is the official observance of Veterans Day. It is a time to remember those who served our country. It is also a good time to stop and pray for those who are currently serving our country. While Veterans Day is observed on the second Monday in November it is actually November 11th. Have you ever wondered why that day was chosen?

Read more about the history of Veterans Day…

4 thoughts on “Veterans’ Day

  1. Thank you
    God bless may He keep a hedge of
    protection always around you
    your in my prayers
    Barb Psalm 16
    Isaiah 26:3
    Pray for a healing in our nation of revival


  2. I enjoy reading your articles, and I thank you for the Vet. piece. It is nice to know that some appreciate what we vets have tried to do and give to this nation. I think that it is the greatest honor to serve this country, and I am proud of my twenty years of service.
    Love you, Kid .



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