fan.jpgWell, our AC has been out since July 7th. Last week a repairman from Service Experts came to supposedly fix our AC. He was obliviously neither an expert nor good at service. It seems he was only able to work for 5-10 minutes before he would have to leave for an hour or more. Each time he would disappear he wouldn’t say anything to me just mysteriously disappear for a while. Finally he came back with a supervisor or someone acting like a supervisor. They looked at the ac for a few minutes and then left. This time I asked the guy what was the deal. He gave some lame excuse about not being able to fix the AC because it was too old and proceed to leave the AC dissembled, at least before we were able to use it for short periods of time. When our troubles began last month, I called the emergency number because it was a weekend. We were told that they might not be able to get someone there until Monday. On Tuesday when I called the office again, no repairman had ever been called.

After a week or so someone finally came. The prognosis on our AC was terminal. After several days my husband called the office by this time it had been a week with no AC. The lady there wasn’t very helpful. Finally, 3 people were sent to give estimates. After another week we still hadn’t heard anything. That is two weeks with no AC in Florida in the summer time, if you are counting.

Oh, every time we called we asked about the AC & informed the lady I have asthma and needed AC. We also asked if we would get a break on the rent. Each time she would say that she couldn’t answer that question. She was the only person who answered the phone but yet she didn’t pass our message along or try to help us contact the right person. It seems this lady is unable to sympathize with anyone. She has only called us about 3 times this entire month. Usually after one of us has called and left an angry message. She has told me several time she how hard she is supposedly working. Yet she doesn’t give our messages to the company owner nor is she able to keep us informed of the repair status. Oh, yeah when The Big Guy called and asked for fan she refused to loan us one. She told him that according to the repairman the AC would work. This was the same repair who told us to keep the unit off that it would only freeze up and not work.

Last week we were finally able to get in touch with the owner of the company. She immediately brought a fan over. It seems she too had been told our AC would still work. We learned that Service Experts was not the company she had authorized to do the work and she wanted the entire unit replaced.

Hopefully, our AC will be tomorrow. — DH

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