My Favorite Teams

My favorite professional teams are the Texas Rangers, Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars.

Rangers are headed to the World Series!

I’ve been a Texas Rangers fan for as long as I can remember. Growing up in Tarrant county they were the team to watch. Also, my Granddaddy liked the Rangers.

Guess I discovered the Mavericks in middles school. Guess I became a because of location. They also had several of my my favorite players for a while.

At the time, the Minnesota North Star’s decision to relocate to North Texas seemed like a strange move at the time. Like many in Texas I was introduced to hockey through the Stars.

I also follow several college teams as well. Of course, I like my alma mater, Hardin-Simmons. HSU has done pretty well since dropping down to D3 in the 1990’s.

The Big Guy is both an Aggie (Texas A&M) and Gator (University of Florida) so I’ve been assimilated. It should be interesting this year with A&M moving into the SEC.

Finally, growing up in Ft Worth, Texas I’ve always liked the TCU Horned Frogs.  Spent my preschool years tagging along with my mom. She was a graduate student.

Amazing Teen

This one has been sitting in my drafts folder since October and I just haven’t gotten it written.   I first saw this on the ABC World News with Dianne Sawyer. On October 14Aaron Fortheringham was selected as ABC’s Person of the Week.  Like many teens Aaron is into extreme sports and can often be found at his local skate park. Unlike, other skaters Aaron uses a wheelchair to pull off back-flips. Aaron was born with spina bifida. He got his first wheelchair when he was 3 by the time he was 8 Aaron was using a wheelchair most of the time. Several years ago Aaron’s older brother Brian took him to a local skate park.  A bunch of skaters pushed Aaron to the top and he promptly fell out of his chair. Aaron got back up and tried again. Eventually he was dominating the skate park.  Aaron can even do a back-flip in his wheelchair. One day he would like to design a reasonably priced line of rugged wheelchairs for kids that would all other kids to get out and move.

Top 10: More Unusual Team Mascots

Top 10The piece I wrote about unusual team mascots has been one of the most popular posts I’ve written. I decided to do a second list. Several of the teams in this list were from the comments of the 1st list.  This time I have included college mascots as well. Also, I have only included official mascots. This eliminated mascots like Delta State Fighting Okra.  While Mr. Okra is an unusual mascot the schools official mascot it the Statesmen.

#10 Blooming Prairie (MN) High School Awesome Blossoms: While the mascot does look mean for a flower, it isn’t that intimidating. Wonder if they have some sort of sponsorship with Outback Steakhouse.Blooming Prairie Awesome Blossoms

#9 Chickasha (OK) Fightin’ Chicks:Chickasha Fighting Chicks

#8 Sheldon (IA) High School Orabs: The name is a combination of orange and black.

#7  Speedway (IN) High School Sparkplugs: The town of Speedway is on the west side of Indianapolis. Actually I think the mascot is pretty cool looking. Speedway High School

#6 Poca  High School (WV) “Dots” : While not very threatening it is appropriate.

#5 Scottsdale (AZ) Community College Fighting Artichokes: It seems that the students chose the Artie the Artichoke as the college mascot in as form of protest. The students were furious because they felt too much money was being spent to make the school a junior college sports powerhouse. The other ran three choices for mascot were the rutabaga, and the scoundrel.  At first the administration voided the election, but the artichoke stuck around long after the political fight ended.Scotdale Community College Home of the Fighting Artichokes

#4Yuma (AZ) High School Criminals: Apparently the nickname Criminals started out as an insult against the team from a rival team. At one time Yuma High was housed in what had been a territorial prison.

Yuma High School Criminals

#3 Boiling Springs (PA)  High School Bubblers: Couldn’t find a logo for this one.

#2: Lone Oak (KY) High School Purple Flash: Couldn’t find any information about the origin of the mascot. But because purple is my favorite color, they have made it to the top of my list.

#1: Texas Christian University Horned Frogs: In doing research for this post I discovered TCU Horned Frogs listed on another list of unusual team mascots. Being from Ft. Worth I was pleasantly surprised to see my hometown team listed.  I really never thought about a horned frog  being unusual.  A horned frog or horny toad as it is called is really a lizard not a frog. Horny toads are indigenous to the Southwest United States.


But I Want To Be a Star …

I heard a coach discussing a promising young player who was excited about playing and being a star. Unfortunately, the player did not fully comprehend what was involved in being a star. Somehow, he did not understand that there was much more to being a star that making big plays. He didn’t comprehend that it required commitment and lots of hard work. The aspiring player wanted to be like his heroes. He wanted to dance in the end zone and make the big plays. However, he was not willing to do the mundane drills and other aspects of practice. The concept that football was a team sport and he would have to earn his spot on the team eluded him. He felt that because he had more raw talent than some other players he should be the starter. It was as if sitting on the bench and waiting his turn was beneath him. This problem is not limited to just kids sports. On Fox Sports, I heard a discussion about one of the problems with keeping a team together and salary caps is that the young players coming out are not willing to start at lower salaries. Instead of earning the privilege of being the highest paid player on the team, they act as if it is their right. Even the lowest player on a team is well compensated for playing a kid’s game.

Dale Hansen on Terrell Owen’s Departure

Dale Hansen, WFAA Sports Anchor

Dale Hansen, WFAA Sports Anchor

Dale Hansen is the head sports guy for WFAA TV in the Ft Worth, Texas area. One of my favorites as has always been his “unplugged” segments. This one is about the departure of Terrell Owens from the Dallas Bratboys, I mean Cowboys. Wasn’t able to get the video to work but here is the transcript of Hansen’s Unplugged segment:  You can watch the video on WFAA’s website.

Former Cowboys coach Bill Parcells, who never called Terrell Owens by name, says if you get rid of him, you get rid of half the problems this Cowboys team has.

And with half the problems gone now the other half should be easier to fix.

I’m having a little trouble giving Cowboys owner Jerry Jones credit for fixing the mess he himself created, but it’s a start. And maybe a good one.

It takes Jones a long time to admit he’s made a mistake, but he usually gets there and he has again.

It was raining and raining hard in Dallas the day Owens signed to play here and the day he goes the sun is up early and shines all day long. A coincidence maybe, but a metaphor certainly wherever he goes.

I am sick and tired of hearing the game announcers say almost every week they need to get the ball to Owens early, need to get him involved to keep him interested, need to call plays so the ball goes to him because it was always about him.

It’s not fair to the quarterback, not fair to the guy who calls the plays, either.

A Hall of Fame talent with a Pop Warner brain.

He was the spoiled kid on the playground who talked about winning, but only if he was the reason why.

Winning is never enough for a man like Owens. It’s not for a lot of guys who play games at the highest level, but the great ones get it. Too many don’t and Terrell Owens never has.

It’s always been Terrell Owens to me. I never once called him T.O. because I’ve always thought a nickname is a sign of affection.

I only use nicknames for the people I like or people I respect.

And I don’t respect players who waste the talent they have bouncing from one team to another because they can’t spell team if you spot ’em the t, the e and the a.

But now that Owens and the Cowboys have broken up, as hard as it probably was, maybe I should call him T.O. because I do love to see him go.

The acquisition of T.O. is one of many stupid decisions made by the Cowboys’  hapless owner Jerry Jones. Getting rid of Owens is a step in the right direction. Now if the Cowboys can just get rid of their owner. He needs to be dumped the way he did the only real Cowboy coach (Tom Landry).