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Freaky or Trendy?

The local Belk’s is in the process of a huge makeover designed to update the store’s image.  Overall, I think they have done a great job. Although I’m not sure about the mannequins.


Saturday Shopping Annoyances and Surprises

I’m not much of a shopper. My shopping consists of weekly trips to the farmer’s market and grocery store (unless I can get out of it). Every couple of weeks I also hit Trader Joe’s, the Co-Op and Target or Wal-Mart.  Today was one of those days where I actually had to go shopping at the mall. The day’s mission was to get clothes for Easter (I know I really do own dresses and wear them on rare occasions.) BTW, this started as a Facebook status until I realized it would make a great post. OK so here is my list of annoyances and surprises:

Annoyance #1: Dress shopping is probably the worst form of shopping. I actually have to try on clothes. I tried on what seemed like 10 gazillion dresses. OK, so it was actually only 5. In case you are wondering I selected the first dress.  I have my shopping routine down. I know what brands, styles, sizes and stores so I can select clothes without trying them on. I just don’t like to try on clothes.

Annoyance #2: Shopping for clothes is harder for women than men. The sizing of women’s clothes varies widely from brand and styles. That is why I find a style of pants that fit and stick with it.  While I spent way too much time trying on dresses the  the Big Guy’s shopping was much easier.  Find the big and tall section, scope out the selection to find the best deal and then snag the correct size within a few minutes the dreaded task is over.  The hardest thing was finding something to match my dress and  deciding if already had a shirt that would work.

Annoyance #3: Rude chick using the speaker phone while shopping. Cell phone use while shopping is just going to happen. Many times it is necessary to find things. However, using one’s cell phone on speaker in public is not cool, especially in the bathroom.  The  rude cell-phone chick didn’t like my comments about her speaker phone use in the bathroom. I figured she had it on speaker so everyone could participate in the phone call. If you don’t want me interacting in the phone call then don’t put it on speaker in a public restroom.  I’m mean come on people use some common sense. Someone talking on a cell phone in a public restroom has to be one of the most annoying things.

Annoyance #4: Today was the day for rude drivers. I’ve noticed an increasing number of “me-1st-I’m-more-important-than-the-world-drivers” lately. They are the kind that cut others off for the only remaining spot when the other driver has been patiently waiting for the spot. Even more annoying is when they decide to back out or pull into a parking space/lot on top of someone who is already in the process of getting out. My new approach when someone begins backing out on top of me is to just put it in park and sit. I refuse to move until the other driver stops or is out of my way.

Surprise: Free food is always nice. There is a new Red Robin at the mall. The Big Guy and I decided to see if it was open today. It was a training event only open to invited guests. The nice chicks at the door said there open seats at the bar if we were interested. Hey for free food. The burgers were good and the salted Carmel milk shake was excellent. Will definitely be going back.

Weekend Randomness

You know those weekends where you have more to on the “to do list” than is even super-humanly possible to accomplish is a week. Well this was one of those.  Both The Big Guy & I have been sick, think it may have been food poisoning. Plus still had some things that didn’t get taken care of the past couple of weekends. In the process of chores and running errands a bunch of random thoughts started clicking in my head. Hey my tagline is a warning of how my mind works.

Once again I was reminded that how much I dislike shopping especially going to the grocery store.  I have found a tool that makes grocery shopping faster. Publix has an on-line shopping list builder. It is great because the list is organized by the store layout. Making one store somewhat painless.

When shopping it seems that there is always that one store you put off because it will be a pain. Yes, that is what I did and the store lived up to my expectations. It also seems that there is always that one customer who is more important than the rest of us plebes. Yes, she was right behind me. She made it clear that she was 3rd and line and no one was going to get in front of her. Of course when another line opened and asked for the next customer she had no problem lying about her position in line and pushing ahead of others. Frankly I was just glad she gone.

Ever notice how when paying with a debit or credit card the machine always asks if the amount is OK. Sometimes I just want to say no and name my own price. It’s kind of like when you getting change for a dollar and asking for quarters. Notice how many times the cashier asks how many do you want. I often answer 5. It is amusing to watch the cashiers reaction. Yes, I have a twisted sense of humor.


So I’ve been a bad blogger lately. I’ve had all these ideas bouncing in my head just never got around to transferring them to the screen. Life has been kind of crazy lately. So this is a collection of rather random observations from life….

Recently, I’ve seen several bottles of juice advertised as being gluten-free. I find this odd because isn’t most if not all fruit gluten-free. Oh one was even advertised as egg, wheat, diary and soy free. It is just one of those odd those random things that I ponder.

Saw camouflage boxers at Wal-Mart today. I’m realize this particular Wal-Mart was in a rather rural/wooded area. However, I haven’t figured out exactly when one might need to run around in camo boxers. Oddly enough Wally World didn’t have any matching camo t-shirts for the boxers.

Flashback: Lessons From Crocs

Editor’s note: Orignially posted 24 May 2009.


On a recent shopping trip I got stuck in an unusually long line. While waiting I begin comparing a display of knock-off “Crocs” type shoes with my Crocs. As I was comparing the shoes I realized that there were some spiritual lessons that could be gleaned from the experience.

First, things aren’t always as they appear.  Upon first glance some of the knock-offs look very close to the original. They are made from similar material but the shoes are very different. The knock-offs I saw were made from a very hard rubber or plastic and the insides were very rough.  Just like the knock-off shoes there are some who outwardly appear to be Christians but the spiritual depth and maturity is not there. As humans we often make judgments based upon outward appearances.  However, God looks at the heart.

Second, don’t settle for a cheaper or easier option. While I was examining the display of knock-offs, another customer decided to enlighten me on their greatness. In her opinion there was absolutely no difference between real Crocs and imitation Crocs.  I pointed the most obvious difference that real Crocs are more comfortable. However, she believed they where the same. Both were made from rubber because the shoes looked the same they had to be the same, so why pay more.  Actually, Crocs are made from a special material called Croslite.

How many times do we settle for a cheaper form of our faith rather than experience the full benefits of what God has for us. Maybe it is because settling is easier. After all it takes dedication, time and effort to invest in a growing relationship with God.

Third, know your purpose. One thing that the makers of knock-off just don’t get right is the footbed of the shoe.  The footbed of Crocs is specially designed to improve circulation. Those little bumps have a purpose. The makers of Crocs had a plan and purpose for those bumps. However, the makers of the knock-offs don’t know the purpose of those little bumps. They are just copying the real thing.

As Christians it can be easy to loose sight of our purpose. According to the Westminster Shorter Catechism, we exist to glorify God and enjoy him forever. Spend some time reflecting on that statement. If we really embrace that purpose how will it affect our lives. If I exist to glorify God is there anything in my life that I need to change.  For me the most powerful part of that statement is the last part: “…to enjoy God forever.” To enjoy God we must first have a relationship with him.  Also, the implication is that God wants to be accessible and to have a relationship with us.