Top 10: Signs You Might Be A Nerd

Top 10This post was inspired by a recent conversation with The Big Guy. For some unexplained reason our conversation evolved or eroded to a discussion about our favorite search engine from back in the day (late 90’s/early 2000s).

#10: Your pet has a Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or blog page.

#9: You have more gaming systems than TVs.

#8: When moving to a new place the entertainment system and network are the first things setup.

#7: You can remember you email, mac address, URL for your blog but not your phone number.

#6: You say BRB before leaving a room.

#5: You make a Skype phone call to the person sitting beside you on the sofa.

#4: When making travel plans you make hotel selections based upon availability of free Wi-Fi.

#3: On a job application you list Vulcan and/or Leetspeak as second and third languages.

#2: You fondly reminisce about favorite search engines of the old days.

#1: Your house has more computers than people. Bonus points if less than half of the computers actually work.

Top 10: Top Posts for the 2009

Top 10Criteria Used: All post had to be written in the 2009 calendar year.

#10: ProvidenceJimmy at Keeping it Simple wrote a post recently inspired by the actions of Chesley B. Sullenberger, pilot of U.S. Airways Flight 1549. Sullenberger was able to safely land in the Hudson River. Surprisingly, everyone on the flight survived. As I read Jimmy’s post and listened to news reports, one word came to mind: Providence! — More

#9: Top 10: My Dream Music Festival Regular readers have probably figured out that I love music. Over the years I have been able to attend several concerts. I  have often thought of bands/artists that would be included in my ideal music festival. The best word to describe my line up is eclectic. More

#8:  What Makes a Good PastorOur church is in a period of transition. As a part of the process we were asked to complete a survey. Most of the survey focused on the type of pastor desired for the church. While pondering my responses I began thinking about the survey, vision for our church, and qualities I want in a pastor. — More

#7: Top 10: Best Burger Joints A compilation of my favorite burger places.  More

#6: Daves Highway Last week I someone posted a Daves Highway a video on Facebook. Sorry, I don’t remember who posted it. If you haven’t heard of these guys you need to check them out. Siblings  Delaney, Zachary and Erika Daves  make up the trio.  The group is from Brandon, MS.  The tight harmonies and vocals are amazing for a group still in their teens. The group’s repertory includes Christian, country and rock tunes.  Their cover of Jesus Messiah by Chris Tomlin.  May be my favorite. — Read More

#5: Michael Tait Joins the Newsboys – Yes, that is right Michael Tait has replaced Peter Furler as lead singer of the Newsboys. I had been hearing rumors of this for a while but it is offical. After 22 years with the group Furler will no longer be touring with the group. He will continue to write and produce plus make some appearances with the group. — Read More

#4: The Bucket List (Another Facebook Meme)Due to technical difficulties I’m not able to participate in ABC Wednesday this week. Hopefully, my computer will be back up soon. I have decided to respond to another Facebook Meme. I’ve been tagged several times for the Bucket List. — Read More

#3: Top 10: Tips for Walt Disney WorldA few years ago we had seasonal passes to Walt Disney World. That is one of the perks of living in Florida. Over the course of two years we learned quite a bit about the parks and some tips that might be helpful for visitors, especially from out of state. — Read More

#2: Top 10: Worst Movies Ever – So, this one is really a worst 10 list.  The Big Guy collaborated with me on this list. Read More

#1: Heroes: What Makes a Her0 The theme for National Blog Posting Month is heroes. Posting on the theme is optional but I am going to try to post something each week about heroes. Some would consider athletes, rock stars or other celebrities heroes. Or maybe heroes are those who show extraordinary bravery and selflessness. I have been thinking what qualities define a hero. — Read More

Top 10: Disney World Rides

top10Ok, this actually a guest post by The Big Guy. He has hi-jacked my blog and is sitting next to me until it is typed. I guess he was inspired by our recent trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Disney’s Hollywood Studio, formerly MGM Studios, is located in the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

Note: To be included in my lists all rides had to be at Walt Disney World in Florida. I have not considered rides at any other Disney park.

#10: Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin (Magic Kingdom) is a combination of a ride and a video game/shooting arcade. It is probably a kids ride but it is a lot of fun.

#9: Dinosaur (Animal Kingdom) more of a thrill ride than a roller coaster. Dinosaur is rather fun but a good ride.

#8: Space Mountain (Magic Kingdom) was the first roller coaster I ever rode. Of course, that was Disneyland in California.

#7: Test Track (EPCOT) lets you be a test dummy. On my must list every time I visit EPCOT. Definitely worth a fast pass. If you are willing to ride single rider you can get in faster but the downside is you won’t be riding with other from your party.

#6: Tower of Terror (Disney’s Hollywood Studio) lets you enter the world of a Twilight Zone episode. It is a simulated free fall ride. The falls are randomized so you don’t get the same ride each time.

#5: Splash Mountain (Magic Kingdom) is one of three “mountain” rides at Magic Kingdom. Be prepared to get wet on this one.

#4: Toy Story Mania (Disney’s Hollywood Studio) is the newest Disney attraction. It opened in the Spring of 2009. I wasn’t very happy when the Millionaire Play It! was taken out to make room for it. I was pleasantly surprised the first time I rode it.  It is similar to the Buzz Lightyear ride.

#3: Big Thunder Railroad (Magic Kingdom)  is a runaway mine type roller coaster. I think the best time to ride it is at night.

#2: Located in The Land Soarin(EPCOT) was originally from Disney’s California Adventure.  It is an interactive I-Max type film that will have you soaring over California.  It is really hard to describe.

#1: Expedition Everest (Animal Kingdom) is my absolute favorite ride. It is one of the smoothest coasters I have ever ridden.

Top 10: Things I Liked When I was Little

top10Yes, this is another one inspired by a Facebook Pick 5.

#10:Legos. I enjoyed building and making things.

#9: Dr. Seuss books. First book I could “read” was Old Hat, New Hat. Ok, so I really had it memorized.

#8: My toy truck and trailer. My granddaddy gave me this. I loved hauling things in my truck.

#7: Swings. I loved going to the park with my daddy and playing on the swings.

#6: Horses. Think I picked up my love for horses from my Granddaddy. Not sure I would have learned to read if it hadn’t been for books about horses.

#5: Orange Soda. This was before I developed a severe allergy to orange.  Orange was my favorite flavor of anything. Sadly, I haven’t had an orange soda since preschool days.

#4:  Church. Yes, that’s right I really enjoyed going to church as a child. Our church was a great place for kids. I especially enjoyed the children’s choir program.

#3: Madame Alexander Victoria Baby Doll. My Vicky doll was probably my favorite toy as a child and my constant companion.

#2: Our Dog Polly.Pollyanna was one of our dogs when I was a child. She was part beagle. Polly was a part of the family.

My Granddady is holding me. Polly is in front of my Daddy.

My Granddaddy is holding me. Polly is in front of my Daddy.

#1: My Granddaddy. Granddaddy was my hero. I enjoyed spending time with him as a child. Some of my favorite memories from childhood include my Granddaddy. Spending time on the farm, his shop or just being with him.

Top 10: Pizzas

top10The lastest craze on Facebook is something called pick 5. Well, I have decided to use some of my lists as ideas for Top 10.

#10: Macaroni and Cheese Pizza from CiCi’s. I’m not really a Cici’s fan but they do make two pies I like. I know it sounds strange but it is actually quite yummy.

#9: Buffola Chicken Pizza. Hot wings and pizza what a combination. It is espeically good with a ranch dressing for dipping.

#8: Pizza Huts Thin and Crispy Cheese Pizza. It may not be very original but thin crust cheese pizza is still one of my favorites.

#7 Smores Pizza. There used to be a place near where we lived that made some very unusual pizza’s and one of my favorites was a Smores’ desert pizza.

#6 Hawiian Pizza. That is a pizza with candian bacon and pineapple.

#5 Fruit Pizza. As a kid this was one of my favorites. Start with a cookie crust, top with cream cheese and add fruit to that.

#4 Cheeseburger Pizza. One of my creations.  Bake the crust first. Then top with my own secret sauce, hamburger meat and cheese. Bake long enough for cheese to melt.  After the pizza is cooked top with all of the normal hamburger topings.

#3 Meat Lovers. I’m certainly not a veggitarian, enough said.

#2 Barbecue Ranch Chicken Pizza with a multi-grain crust. For this one I combined two of our favorite flavors barbecue and ranch. I start with a homemade multi-grain crust. Then I top it with my own special barbecue ranch sauce. Then top with grilled chicken and cheese.

#1 Sausage, Bacon and Black Olive. Is probably my all time favorite pizza.

Top 10: Worst Movies Ever

top10So, this one is really a worst 10 list.  The Big Guy collaborated with me on this list.

#10: Spaced Invaders – Rotten Tomatoes’ synopsis of this movie should be a clue to how bad it is: “When five of the universe’s coolest aliens crash-land on planet earth, the cosmic crew, piloted by an ultra-hip Martian, ends up in a sleepy mid-western town. Unfortunately, it’s Halloween night and the citizens mistake these spaced invaders for harmless trick-or-treaters.”

Any movie with the premise of aliens confused for trick-or-treaters is not going to be that great, but the terrible acting, bad writing, and horrible special effects combine to make this one of the worst movies in the history of film. – TBG (The Big Guy)

solar#9:  Solar Crisis – The  plot was so poorly developed that I really couldn’t figure it out. I do know it involved something about the sun going to blow up. A group of astronauts were sent to the sun to stop it. Somehow the space shuttle doesn’t melt or blow up getting to the sun.

By the way, the movie had only 4 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, all rotten. That should be a clue as to how bad this movie really is. – Dee

inspectorgadget#8: Inspector Gadget- I enjoyed the Inspector Gadget cartoon as a kid; however, this is one of the worst remakes ever. Starring in the title role, Matthew Broderick, a bumbling detective, is given 14,000 gadgets to help him fight the evil Dr. Claw. A terrible, flat performance by Broderick, a pedestrian script, and poor action sequences ruin a movie that should have been a straight to video release. Whatever you do, pass on this flop and watch the original cartoon if you want to relive the exciting adventures of Inspector Gadget. -TBG

4feathers#7: The Four Feathers (1977) – This was one of those movies that I got stuck seeing at a friend’s house.  It was very bad and slow moving.  After the first, 30 minutes or so I even quit trying to pay attention and ended up playing with spades with some friends. I do remember that the person who picked the movie out had to leave early. Probably, got tired of all the complaints.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, the plot involves a British army officer who resigns on the eve of a battle. His niece sends him 4 white feathers indicating she thinks he is a coward.  In turn, he sets out to prove he isn’t a coward and saves the lives of his former comrades.  – Dee

dudleydo#6: Dudley Do-Right – I enjoyed the cartoon, but this is a terrible live action remake that is almost never funny. Brendan Fraser and Sarah Jessica Parker give flat performances as Dudley Do-Right and his girlfriend, Nell Fenwick. The evil Snidely Whiplash gets Dudley fired and attempts to take over Semi-Happy Valley in the Canadian Rockies. Rated a putrid 14% on Rotten Tomatoes, my only question is: How did 14 percent of critics like this movie? Watch the original cartoons and skip this remake. – TBG

#5: Boris and Natsha: The Movie – Yes that’s right Boris and Natsha from the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon end up in a live action movie. The duo is up to their usual mischief in the real world. Let’s just say that they should have stayed in cartoon land.  – Dee

mariobro#4: Super Mario Brothers -It is hard to put into words my disappointment with this movie. Many of the Mario game series are classics such as Super Mario, Paper Mario, and the Smash Brothers games that feature the Mario Brothers. On the other hand, this is probably the worst video game movie I have ever seen. The Uwe Boll movies are close, but this movies terrible plot, painful acting, and pathetic special effects combine to ruin it. Nintendo no longer speaks about the movie, and no plans have been made for another live action Mario movie. –TBG

ishtar#3: Ishtar  – Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman play a down and out musical duo that dream of being the next Simon and Garfunkel. The pair accept a gig in Morroco. Before they leave the airport the two get caught up in a revolution attempt. The wacky plot is a lame knock-off of the Hope and Crosby style road movie.

For me the highlight of the movie was that my date paid for it not me.  (Yes, I saw this way back before I even met the Big Guy). – Dee.

waterworld#2:  WaterworldWaterworld is possibly the most expensive movie flop of all-time. Kevin Costner, who generally is best in baseball or Native American movies, thought he could make a post-apocalyptic movie classic. Weather destroyed the original set ballooning the overall cost of the production. Deciding to create a massive set entirely on water further hampered the production. The drab setting, forgettable dialogue, and poor directing sink this vessel. Whatever you do avoid the S.O.S. and move on to another film. Costner has made several bad films, but this one surpasses all the others as the greatest shipwreck in his career. -TBG

spies#1: Spies Like Us – Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd play a couple of CIA rejects who get caught cheating on their Foreign Service Board exams. Rather than fire them the powers that be select the pair for a decoy mission.  The two are are dumped in Pakistan and wacky journey begins. In the end the two foil a plot to start World War III.

Absolutely the worst movie I’ve ever seen. I saw it at a $1 movie night that included unlimited soda and popcorn. I still overpaid by at least a $1. – Dee

TOP 10: Soundtrack for Life

top10Got tagged for another Facebook Meme. I think it was supposed to be more albums.  I decided to make it fit my Top 10 format and since it is my blog …

#10: Freedom by Michael W. Smith — In my opinion this may be Smitty’s best release. Freedom is an all instrumental project.

#9: It Isn’t Easy being Green preformed by Kermit the Frog. Ok, it was actually a single but this was one of the first albums that really influenced me. Before you get worried I was about 4 or 5.

#8: Age to Age by Amy Grant. While not her first album Age to Age was the one that set records and made her career. It was also probably her best album ever. My favorite cut is El Shaddai written by Michael card. The video is from a more recent performance.

#7: Beyond Belief by Petra. I was never really a Petra fan until this was released. Partially because “leaders” at church tried to force me to like Petra. Couldn’t  find the video of Beyond Belief did find this footage from around 1990 of He Came, He Saw, He Conquered.

dj.jpg#6: I Belong to Jesus Vols.  I & II by Dennis Jernigan. Yes, two albums but they go together. Possibly my favorite worship albums of all time. So far I have bought 3 copies (each) and given 2 away. This time I’m not parting with my copies.  Couldn’t find a good clip of this one.

#5: Jesus Freak by DC Talk.  Maybe my favorite DC Talk album. This album has a more mature feel that their previous projects.

#4: Handel’s Messiah by G. F. Handel.  The Messiah is one of the greatest works ever written.  Of course my favorite song is Hallelujah Chorus. The tradition of  standing during the performance of the Hallelujah Chorus has been attributed to King George II standing during a performance. This version is from Andrea Bocelli’s Sacred Arias.

#3: Joshua Tree by U2.  Wore at least 2 cassette versions of the project.  Found this promo reel for Joshua Tree.

#2: Third Day by Third Day. Their debut CD and the one that hooked me as a Third Day fan. They are probably my all time favorite band. Until the release of their most recent project Revelation this was my favorite. The video below is not the complete song but the best version I could find of Consuming Fire

#1: Liturgy, A Legacy, and A Ragamuffin Band by Rich Mullins. Mullins was an amazing song writter. With the release of the earlier project The World as Best I Remember vols I & II Mullins began producing deeper thought provoking music.   Creed is one of my favorite Mullins songs.