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Amazing Storm Footage

Some friends shared this video of Wednesday storms in Hamilton County Texas.  The footage was taken between Hamilton and Evant near Highway 281.  Hamilton County was not hit as hard as Granbury but at least 3 tornadoes were reported that night. I think they were at Pottsville, Shive and maybe Aleman.

Video by Aaron Dooley

Description of Video: One cell sat in relatively the same spot for well over an hour through multiple tornado warnings. It had incredible structure with multiple wall clouds and a few funnels before and after dark. This meso was just west of highway 281 and north of highway 84 between Evant and Hamilton Texas. This storm went on to produce a few funnels east of 281 later on which were probably on the ground but could not be seen due to obstructions.


Bringing Home A Hero

Last week, November 19th, Hico, Texas said farewell to hometown hero lance corporal Shawn P. Hefner.  He died Nov. 13 while supporting combat operations in Helmand province, Afghanistan. He was scheduled to return to his home base at Camp Lejeune, N.C., within a week. Hefner who was a 2006 graduate of Hico High School enlisted in the Marines in 2008.

Heffener’s flagged draped coffin was returned to Waco, TX on Thursday November 19th.   The Patriot Guard Riders of North and Central Texas led the procession from Waco to Hico. As the procession wound its way along Texas 6 through Valley Mills, Clifton, Meridian and Iredell citizens lined the highway many waving American flags as a sign of respect. The entire town of Hico, all 1300, lined the streets to welcome home their hero.  According to the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram Hico School Superintendent Rod Townsend even had all of the students from 3rd through 12th grades bused downtown.

“I wanted the children to see how important he was for this nation,” Townsend said. “I wanted them to have a lump in their throat, just like I did. Some things you can’t teach without seeing it. And you know what? You could have heard a pin drop in this town when those police lights came over that hill.”

This video tribute by USFallen.org shows the return of a fallen hero LCpl Shawn P. Hefner. It is about 10 minutes long but worth the time to watch.

Update: The Stephenville Empire-Tribune posted a video of the actual procession entering Hico.

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Monday Morning Randomness

questionWell, it is a Monday morning and the Big Guy as the day off due to the MLK holiday. I am still contemplating the best way to clean of the remains the exploding fire extinguisher. We have had a reoccurring problem with the fire extinguisher in our laundry room that likes to fall off without warning onto the washer. It seems last night it fell when The Big Guy was trying to switch the laundry and extinguisher decided to attack. This time the pin came out causing the contents to spew everywhere. It was the dry chem kind now our downstairs is covered with a fine dust. We started cleaning last night. So before I attack the waiting mess I decided to post something. Yes, that is right I am stalling.

One of my friend’s Kevin Wenzel from Wiseman House Chocolates in Hico, Texas will be serving some of his handmade candy at the Black Tie & Boots Inaugural Ball and Texas Fair in DC. The Texas Fair started on the 18th and runs through the 20th. (Read more in the Stephenville Empire-Tribune). Kevin is not the only candy maker in his family. Last week over at Hamilton County Gazetteer, I wrote about the Dutchman’s Hidden Valley run by Wenzel’s sister Kara and her husband Dan.

I was following some tags from one of the post I wrote and discovered a hilarious collection of profiles of flamers. Mike Reed at Flame Warriors has created a listing of flamer warriors found on forums and blogs too.

It seems I have run out of things to say so I guess I must tackle the mess downstairs. Have a good one. — DH

My Other Projects

Like many bloggers I have more than one blog. Since this is my blog I have decided to promote my other projects today.


For about 2 years I have been the editor of HomeschoolBenefits.org. If you haven’t checked it out lately, you really should. This week’s theme is learning disabilities.

Recently, I created a blog for my education related writings. I’m sure education things will still appear here.

The other project Gazetteer of Hamilton County is really my mom’s project. It is something she has been working on for years and grown quite large. So, this is really a new format and location for new items, things from the archives will be added as time permits.

Sky Watch Friday: Around Hamilton County

Took these pictures on my last trip to Texas. All of the pictures were taken in Hamilton located in central Texas.

Hamilton County Collage

The collage depicts scenes and historical figures from Hamilton County Texas. The collage is located on the remaining wall of Williams Hardware. The hardware store collapsed in December 1976 shortly after Mr. Williams closed his store.

Hamilton County Courthouse

Hamilton County Courthouse

Victory Bell at the High School

Bell in front of Hamilton High School. All of the schools in Hamilton: Hamilton High School and Ann Whitney Elementary School are located next to each other at the top of a hill. Ann Whitney Elementary was named for an early pioneer teacher in the county.

My grandmother\'s house.

My grandmother’s house. My granddaddy designed the plans for the house.

Calvary Baptist Church

Church where my dad was a Minister for many years.

For more Sky Watch visit Tom.