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Review: Fargo’s Pit BBQ

One of the places the we tried on our road trip this summer was Fargo’s Pit BBQ in Bryan, Texas. Fargo was named in Texas Monthly prestigious Top 50 List.  The Big Guy’s brother, Fishing Guy also recommended Fargo’s. The Fishing Guy knows BBQ. He is a pretty mean pit-master himself.

Fargo’s brisket is extremely good.  The brisket was a little fatty but very good.  The sides were average but hey this is a BBQ joint it is about the meat. I did notice that the regulars skipped the sides and ordered more meat. For a displaced Texan living in a part of the country that thinks BBQ is either pork or should be pulled, Fargo’s a welcome change.

However, my one complaint was the customer service.  There was a mix up with my drink. I ordered lemonade but was given raspberry tea. When I tried to get it replaced they refused. The guy at the counter said he forgot what I ordered and my husband said I would take the tea. The tea and the lemonade where the same price. It would have been very easy to make it right. Poor customer service is really annoys me.


Food: Excellent. The brisket was excellent.

Selection: Good. They have good brisket what more do you need. Sides were average.

Service: Fair. Friendly until there is a problem. They refused to fix a simple problem.

Atmosphere: Simple but appropriate. It is a BBQ place after all. Also, you could smell the smoke.

Allergy Rating: We have found that BBQ is usually allergy friendly.

Overall: Very good. If you are nearby it is worth the drive.




Dr Pepper BBQ Sauce

Dr Pepper BBQ SauceHad a request for my BBQ Sauce recipe. Please note that measurements are relative. This is BBQ Sauce not rocket science I don’t measure.  Also, you may notice this is a tomato based sauce that is missing both mustard and vinegar. Why? Because mustard is for hot dogs and vinegar is for pickling not BBQ. Please don’t feel the need to add either to my sauce.


  • 1 can Dr Pepper with sugar. — Cheerwine also works well. It is better to use a soda with sugar and not corn syrup if possible.
  • 3-4 or more cloves of garlic – diced, minced, pressed or finely chopped
  • 1/4 small onion – diced, minced, pressed or finely chopped
  • 1 or more jalapeno — This is optional. For less heat seed the pepper and remove the membrane.
  • Tomato Sauce — A mixture of tomato paste, ketchup, or crushed tomatoes may also be used. I usually start with either can of tomato sauce and 1 small can of tomato paste or 1 large can of crushed tomatoes. You want enough thickness from the tomato products to balance the liquid of the DP.
  • Honey — Add if mixture isn’t sweet enough. The amount of honey varies every time and is to taste.
  • Pepper and oregano — For pepper and oregano use enough to be able to see traces of the seasoning in the sauce.
  1. In a sauce pan sautee garlic, onions and peppers until onions begin turning translucent.
  2. Stir in Dr Pepper and tomatoes. Bring to a gentle boil.
  3. Turn down heat. Add pepper and oregano. Allow sauce to simmer for about 7-10 minutes.  If the sauce isn’t sweet enough add honey in small amounts and stir well.

I keep a small bottle of BBQ sauce in the fridge. When I make a batch I divide the remaining sauce into sandwich-size zip plastic bags and freeze. To thaw place it in the fridge until thawed.

Repost: What is Barbecue?

Barbecue Grill

My failed trip to a new restaurant claiming to be a barbecue joint inspired me to repost this. It seems this so-called BBQ place only served ribs, pulled pork and ham. It is appalling and should be illegal to call one’s-self a barbecue restaurant and not even attempt to serve real BBQ. Originally posted  February 12, 2008.


Sunday I wrote about my Top 10: Favorite Foods. Number #5 barbecue has created a little bit of discussion. So, I have decided to devote an entire post to it. While I do not claim to be a barbecue expert I am from Texas and that is about the same thing. In Texas we are serious about are beef especially barbecue.

That is right I said beef. Barbecue is beef! It is not chicken or pork. Turkey, ham and German or Czech sausage are also acceptable. I prefer brisket although I do like a good Czech or German sausage.

Now that we have established what type of meat to use let’s discuss how to cook it. First, dry rub and then marinate it for a long time. Yes, I did say marinate and dry rub, it is not either/or it is both. The meat should be slow cooked in either a pit or a big smoker rig. The trick to making a nice tender brisket is to dry rub it & marinate then, cook slow cook it over heat. If you can get mesquite wood for cooking it is even better and it smells great.

Ok, we have the meat cooked lets talk about how to serve it. The meat should be served hot with a warm sauce. There is no need for 400 gazillion sauces all you need is one or two good sauces. If you want variety make a mild one and a spicy one. It is however important that the sauce is warm. Also, mustard is for hot dogs not barbecue do not add it to the sauce. You may however add jalapeno, honey, molasses, beer or Dublin Dr Pepper (Don’t know what Dublin Dr Pepper is then read this.) Barbecue is about the meat not the sauce. If you cook it right, you don’t have to hide it under the sauce. Brisket should be served in thick slices for a plate dinner. In a sandwich it can be either sliced or chopped. Brisket is never to be served thin sliced or pulled. Keep your hands out of my meat! A barbecue sandwich contains bread, meat, pickles, onions and maybe a few jalapenos. Keep your slaw and other frilly vegetables away from my meat. After all this is barbecue not a salad bar.

One last thing about barbecue. When you have people over for burgers and hot dogs break out the grill that isn’t a barbecue. That is grilling or cooking out. It isn’t the same thing. Barbecue involves the use of smoke.

Of course that is just my humble opinion about real Texas style barbecue.

Flashback: Top 10: Ways to Know You Are in Texas

Originally posted 29 January 2009


#10: The weather forecaster is describing the day as breezy and the wind speeds are over 50 mph. It isn’t windy yet because the trees aren’t touching the ground.

#9: Complete strangers wave at you. This is especially true in small towns.

#8: When driving in west Texas that strange smell is oil and it is the smell of money.

#7: If you are in a small town during the fall the entire town closes down for the high school football game.

#6: Barbecue is beef usually brisket and possibly sausage served hot.  The good places smoke the meat using mesquite wood.  Also, there may be only one choice of sauce and it is served warm.

#5: People know the difference between queso and cheese sauce.

#4: In a restaurant the server doesn’t act like it is strange to ask for salsa with just about anything not just Mexican food. When ordering eggs servers usually ask if you want salsa.

#3: Even though you are driving at least 75 mph other cars are passing you in the slow lane.  This is especially true in Houston.

#2: Within a two minute period you see two different Bubba’s in trucks towing another truck .

#1: It is possible to get Dr Pepper at just about every restaurant even if it serves Coke products. Further you are not offered the other stuff in lieu of Dr Pepper. Most people know that Dr Pepper is not a Pepsi product.


Top 10: Favorite Restaurants

top10It has been a while since I did one of my list. I just wasn’t inspired. This idea hit me when I was eating at one of my favorite places.

#10: Stagecoach Inn (Salado, TX) — Established in 1860, The Stagecoach Inn actually began as a stagecoach stop. The chicken fried steak is still made with the original recipe. One of the most unusual features is that  they do not use a printed menu. The menu is still recited orally as it has been done since the beginning. I love their hush puppies and desserts.

#9: Pulido’s Mexican Restaurant (Ft. Worth, TX and surrounding areas) — Pulido’s has been one of my favorite’s since I was young. It is the first place I remember having chicken enchiladas.  Their chicken enchiladas are still one of my favorites. They also have some very good tamales.

#8:  Beachcomber Restaurant (St. Augustine, FL) — Located right on the beach  Beachcombers has burgers, seafood and other things at a great price. I like how it is a causal and fun place at a good price.

#7: Antonio’s Mexican Restaurant (Burleson, TX) — Antonio’s may be the best Mexican restaurant and certainly one of my favorites.

#6: On The Border (Texas based chain) –  Great place to get good Tex-Mex outside of Texas. Unfortunately, the one near us closed.

#5: Steak and Pasta Works (Gainesville, FL) — Steak and Pasta has a great steak in a causal dining environment.  The company that owns Steak and Pasta Works used to have a high end steak place but I prefer the fun environment. — Upated 7/3/2011 No longer in business.

#4:  Texas Land and Cattle Steak House(Texas based chain) — One of my favorite steak houses is Texas Land and Cattle Company.  I love their smoked sirloin.  Unlike another chain that has Texas in its name Texas Land & Cattle Company is actually from Texas. Their menu and decor is reminiscent of a Texas cattle ranch.

#3: Dutchman’s Hidden Valley (Hamilton, TX) –  Dutchman’s Hidden Valley is a country store and German deli owned by a friend of mine and her husband.  It has been one of my favorites for several years.  They have the best peanut butter cookies and cheesecake.

#2: Goode Company Barbecue (Houston, TX) — Whenever we are driving through Houston schedule a stop at  Goode Company. They may have the best barbecue in the country.  Goode Co serves real barbecue done right. None of that sissy pork stuff.  I really like their brisket and sausage.

#1: Hollywood & Vine at Disney’s Hollywood Studio (Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL) — Dining at Disney is not the normal theme park food. In fact, it is actually quite good.  Two of my favorites are the salmon and the mac and cheese.  In my opinion Hollywood & Vine is one of the best if not the best Disney has to offer.  It features an all you can eat buffet which includes drinks. We have found it is actually more cost effective to eat one meal at a buffet. It cuts down on the need for snacks. Hollywood & Vine is an Art Decco themed tribute to Hollywood’s golden era. One warning,  at  breakfast and lunch it is character dining  featuring Playhouse Disney. So, if your party doesn’t include any munchkins stick with the evening meal.

Steak and Pasta Works (Gainesville, FL)