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2009: A Year In Pictures

A collection of my favorite images from 2009.


Taken between Kermit and Odessa, TX.
Taken between Kermit and Odessa, Texas.


This door reminds me of the cover of Rich Mullins "Songs 2". Taken at Church of the Heavenly Rest, Abilene, TX.


Reflection of Big Guy in the Moon Roof.


The Great Cross at Nombre de Dios Mission in St. Augustine.

Sunset at the Grande Villas, World Golf Village in St. Augstine, FL.


The Big Guy as usual he gets phone calls when we are on our outings.


Played with the camera settings. No, it isn't photoshopped.
Watercolor setting
Playing with Corel Photo Painter


Painted on 2 layers of glass.  Each layer has a differant element of the painting.
Multi-dimensional painting on glass of the St. Augustine Light House


Daytona Beach Clock Tower


Day is done.

Connecting Caring Communities

Connecting Caring Communities is a grassroots  community renewal organization in Abilene Texas. Established in 2005 CCC is an independent non-profit group. It was inspired by Shreveport-Bossier Community Renewal. Three strategies are form the core of the CCC model: Caring Team, Haven House and Friendship Houses.

Caring Teams seek to connect Abilene’s caring people. It seeks to build sense of community by focusing on the positive not just the sensational. The Caring Team is a community wide intuitive.

The Haven House stragtey targets all neighborhoods. In an age of instant communication with others world wide  we often fail to make connections with those who live next door. Haven Houses seek to turn neighborhoods from groups of strangers into connected communties. Haven House volunteer leaders host block parties, help neighbors find community resources, provide a listening ear or just be friend to their neighbors.

Friendship Houses target Abilene’s most vulnerable neighborhoods. Coordinators and their families live  in houses in these communities. They seek to rebuild these neighborhoods from the by developing meaningful relationships, connecting neighbors with community resources, working with neighborhood leaders to improve the area and serving their neighbors. Currently, CCC staffs Friendship Houses in the College Heights and North Park neighborhoods.   As student tutored in both of these neighborhoods and helped sponsor an annual Christmas party. I  was struck by the need in this area. Many of my students needed more than just tutoring. They often lacked the basics like school supplies, food and other things many of us take for granted. Friendship Houses seek to provide longterm solutions for underlying problems not just treat the symptons.

Cool Idea

Connley Missions Center
Connally Missions Center

I’m taking a break from Top 10 this week. I’ve been wanting to write about something I found while working on another post.

The Social Work Club from my alma mater, Hardin-Simmons University, is hosting a Prom Party for young women who live in foster care. The event is February 28th, from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm in Connally Missions.  The girls are able to shop for a prom dresses and accessories.  There will be a limo ride provided that morning, lunch will be served.  Door prizes for salons, hair styling, manicures and pedicures will also be given to the young ladies.

I think it is such a cool idea. The students are giving back to the community and helping those who are often overlooked. Oh, if you are in the Abilene area, they are looking for donotations.

My World Tuesday: Elmcrest Baptist Church

For the past several weeks I have been featuring Abilene, Texas in My World Tuesday. Abilene is where I spent my college days at Hardin-Simmons University. An important part of my life during that period was my church Elmcrest Baptist Church.  Took these photos from the street side of the building. I guess it is the front because it the entry to the parking lot but the buildings open on the other side and most of the parking is toward the back of the lot.




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Sky Watch Friday: Church of the Heavenly Rest


Church of the Heavenly Rest, Episcopal church is an impressive landmark on Abilene’s south side.  It began in 1881 as St. Paul’s Episcopal Mission.  St. Paul’s met in the Northside school building at corner of Pine and N. 13th streets. In 1884, the church’s first building was built at  the corner of North 3rd and Orange street. One of Abilene’s major landowners and devout Episcopalian Colonel Josiah Stoddard Johnston donated the land. Johnston was also credited with naming Abilene. At this time St. Paul’s Mission became Church of the Heavenly Rest. According to the churches website I believe it may be the first Episcopal church in Texas west of Ft. Worth. In 1951, the church moved to its current location at  S. 6th and Meander. The church acquired the property that once was the Legget Mansion. The north side property was sold to First Baptist Church. A temporary structure was built on the current location. The cornerstone for the new building was laid on Pencetcoste Sunday 1953. A year later on All Saints day, All Saints Chapel was opened.  Construction of the church was completed in 1956.

I thought this was a cool shot with the steeple hiding behind the tree.
I thought this was a cool shot with the steeple hiding behind the tree.


Thought the church has some interesting looking doors and courtyard areas.
Thought the church has some interesting looking doors and courtyard areas.
This door reminds me of the doors of the CD covers from Rich Mullins Songs & Songs 2.
This door reminds me of the doors of the CD covers from Rich Mullins Songs & Songs 2.
Okay I was having fun playing with sky shots and angles.
Okay I was having fun playing with sky shot. See the birds on the roof?
Had to play with the camera settings too.
Had to play with the camera settings too.
Couldn't resistant playing with angles either.
Couldn't resistant playing with angles either.

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